25th November 2020
Will the Solar Panels damage or outlive my roof?
  • BY : Ellen Ra
solar panels on small house
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 25th November 2020

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Will the Solar Panels damage or outlive my roof?

Solar Panels are going to last 30 plus years. In theory, that is going to work for longer than any of us. If you have to replace your roof while you have solar, most solar installers can charge you a flat $1500 fee to take your system down and reinstall. Most solar companies also offer roofs. I worked for several who would do the work for free if you replaced your roof with their company. Solar energy could be installed almost on any roof if there is enough space and sunlight. The average weight of solar panels is about 40 lbs. If the roof is weak or damaged like a leaking roof, it could end up slumping because of the weight of solar panels. Also, the damage to the roof structure like a leaking roof could affect your house’s insulation. The followings are some of the common signs that roof is damaged:

  • Broken or loose tiles in the roof, which could cause leaking roof;
  • Leaks or stains on the ceiling or walls in the attic, which is usually caused by a leaking roof;
  • Water damage, which is also caused by a leaking roof;
  • Punctures and cracks on the roof;
  • Damage to the structure;
  • Worn down materials;
  • Electricity bill climbing up recently.

If your roof has any of these signs or is already towards the end of life, consider having the roof checked to ensure that it will be able to withstand the installation before installing the solar energy.

What Are The Benefits To Go For Replacing a Roof with Solar Panels?

If the evaluation has determined that the roof needs replacing before going for solar energy, replacing a roof with solar panels is smart. One benefit is that Solar energy is usually more durable than most of the roofing materials.

As such, when you go for replacing a roof with solar panels, solar power could extend, in fact, the lifetime of that portion in the roof where it covers.

There is another benefit for replacing a roof with solar panels, which is that if you are installing the solar panels on a new roof, it is unlikely that you need to re-roof in the lifetime of the solar energy. It can help you save money in the long term, as you could avoid the costs related to removing and reinstalling solar energy.

Besides, if you go for replacing a roof with solar panels, you could take advantage of a total of about 26% of the federal tax credit for doing both. For more precise information, you should check with the Tax Professional like your accountant before buying the new solar energy.

Is It Worth The Costs Of Roof With Solar Panels?

Could you imagine that your roof suddenly begins sagging after installed solar energy without changing the roof? You will have to pay for removing and reinstalling solar power; you will have to but also risk the damage to solar energy during the whole process. Moreover, as solar energy is off, your electricity bill will go up in the period.

Therefore, while the costs of the roof with solar panels seem quite expensive initially, in the long term, however, it is not only saving you from lots of trouble but also saving you plenty of money. Your house’s insulation relies on the roof. If your roof is unable to insulate the home properly, you have to turn up the heating in the winters and lower the cooling in the summers, and you have to pay the more massive energy bills. Furthermore, a new roof could increase the value of your house. Do not worry about the costs of the roof with solar panels, because when you choose to sell your home, the money you spend on the costs of the roof with solar panels will return to you.

There are many different solar energy funding options, and they could make your decision on the costs of the roof with solar panels a bit easier. It is recommended for a cost analysis from some independent consulting services before you go to the solar energy/roof installation team, which could give you a better idea about the costs and the benefits you could get in the long term.

Thank You so much for your time,

Ellen Ra
Love Solar Energy

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