9th November 2020
What is a grid-tied Solar Panel System?
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 9th November 2020

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Save Electricity Costs In A Manner That May Not Have Been Considered

Many people are turning to solar energy to power their homes. Solar panels provide an easy way to get the energy they need. With battery systems to hold power at night being expensive, many have decided to go with a grid-tied solar energy system to provide an economical choice. Building owners are able to send the excess power off to the electric grid during the day and get power at night. Depending on how much they are able to conserve energy, this could allow them to make money. There are many ways this could become an advantage.

There are two types of solar systems available to consumers

One includes a battery and the person never needs to connect to any grid. The grid-tied solar panel system does not need a battery and connects into the grid. During the day, any electricity not used is sent into the system. The customer then draws electricity at night for what is needed. Some electric companies will pay for any excess electricity from customer solar panels. This grid-tied solar panel system is the most common of available setups. A person can conserve energy and possibly make money.

Solar energy is a great way for someone to power their home or business

A grid-tied solar energy system could lead to helping cut down on the need for other energy sources to be as needed as much in the area. Any person who owns a building should look into what they can do in their area to see what is to their advantage.

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