26th November 2020
We Only Have 50 Years of Oil Left: Get Solar Panels Now
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 26th November 2020

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We Only Have 50 Years of Oil Left: Get Solar Panels Now

Energy is an essential commodity in our modern world. We need electricity to power our homes and gasoline to operate or vehicles. Most of the world’s energy supply derives from fossil fuel sources. However, fossil fuel sources are finite, meaning that they will eventually disappear. Many energy experts believe that the oil reserves in the world will no longer exist in 50 years. This scarcity is one reason why alternative energy solution implementations are gradually increasing in society.

While oil reserves won’t run out anytime soon, they will eventually go away. Solar technology is one form of alternative energy. Its usage is primarily in solar panels for industries, businesses, and homes. The following material will point out why you should get solar panels now. We’ll also discuss why solar energy will be critical once oil reserves diminish.

Why are there only 50 years of oil left in the world?

Oil is the number one energy source in the world. This substance creates gasoline, diesel, propane, kerosene, and electricity. Oil is so essential that the nations of the world trade this commodity in the form of petrodollars. Oil is such a valuable commodity that governments will go to war to obtain and protect it from other countries. Finally, oil plays a massive part in the economies of the world.

There are many reasons why energy experts claim that we only have 50 years of oil left. The first reason has to do with finding alternative energy sources besides fossil fuels. If people believe that we only have 50 years of oil left in the world, then energy industry workers will have to find alternative fuel sources. These different forms of fuels must be developed and then implemented into society. Solar power is just one type of alternative fuel source that is being slowly developed and implemented into communities today.

The second reason why we only have 50 years of oil left has to do with consumer security. Businesses, industries, and consumers will be more willing to purchase products and services. When these entities believe that there is enough oil to sustain their vehicles, machines, planes, gas-powered mowers, electricity, and commercial goods, they will be more willing to purchase these items well.

Various governments, energy developers, explorers, and investors worldwide are continually working to find new oil wells. They are also working to maintain and upkeep their current supply. The reality is that new oil wells have enough substance to provide energy for a long time. However, there are only so many oil wells in the world. Government and energy workers are pacing their oil production. They want to keep more than enough oil reserves on hand to ensure their future way of life.

This trend brings up the fourth and final point as to why we only have 50 years of oil left. Most established (and developing) societies on Earth use fossil fuels for energy. The biggest reason why they use fossil fuels has to do with infrastructure. Most nations on Earth have implemented fossil fuel-based infrastructures for their cities and communities.

This trend simply means that we use power stations, fueling stations, and transportation systems to run our society and economy. Consumers go to gas stations to fuel their vehicles. Businesses rely on electricity from coal-powered plants, and many of our machines (lawnmowers, SUVs, and snow blowers) use fossil-based fuels. Consumers even purchase plastic products (made from oil) as a part of the fossil-based infrastructure.

The point is that many of the functions and processes that we do in life center around oil. Fossil fuel infrastructure is critical to this process. Without having this infrastructure in place, our society would not function properly. Ultimately, no other fuel source will replace fossil-based fuels until there is a robust infrastructure. Still, solar energy is slowly trying to establish its place in the world.

The Importance of Solar Energy in the Modern World

Solar energy has been around forever. Ancient societies had already been using the sun’s power in the past. The Egyptians used it to help build their pyramids, and the Greeks used it to heat their homes. However, modern solar energy development began around 1840. Since that time, solar technology has steadily been increasing and improving. Solar panels first emerged in the early 1880s. They then evolved throughout the 1900s. In the 2000s, solar panel technology has been growing at a relatively rapid pace.

While solar tech has been developing, it cannot arrive at the forefront because of oil. Yet, many solar energy processes are being implemented, unlike in the past. Solar panel technology is an essential part of solar energy development. The reason why solar panels are so crucial to the industry has to do with infrastructure.

Solar panels are on a variety of structures and even commercial products. Buildings, houses, spacecraft, and even solar-powered lights and calculators all use solar panel technology. Light converts into electrical energy through solar panels. Sunlight is abundant (it even faintly shines in the dark) that shines every day. Solar panels have a virtually unlimited amount of energy to power their systems. The only way solar panels won’t work is if covered by something.

Homes with solar paneling can produce their electricity. This electrical production can be sent back into the grid or converted into usable energy within the house. Homes with solar paneling can reduce their electric bill over time. Solar panels are also handy for hot water within a home. The units can set up to heat a home’s hot water supply through electrical production.


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