9th November 2020
Timeline for Installing Solar Panels on Your Home
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 9th November 2020

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Timeline for Installing Solar Panels on Your Home

Solar panels provide an effective method of energy conservation for homeowners. More than two million American homes are outfitted with solar panels and the numbers are expected to double within the next two years. Homeowners use solar power because they understand its positive impacts on both our environment and to their wallets. Saving money is so easy when your home depends on solar power rather than the traditional means of electricity. However, most homeowners have many questions concerning energy solar power installation they’d like answered before proceeding with the job. The biggest usually concerns the amount of time it takes to complete the project. The following guide helps answer some of the questions, including the biggest of all, how long does energy solar installation take?

Fast Facts

On average, solar energy installation takes up to three months but is finished much faster in many cases. Costs vary according to the size of the home, the type of panels chosen, incentives and rebates used, repairs/upgrades needed, etc. With many incentives and deals, costs to install a solar home may be considerably less than you think. Choose a wintertime installation to save time and money. Most people install panels during the summer when it is sunny and warm outside, so a wintertime project certainly keeps costs low.

Break-Even in Five Years

Learning more about solar panel installation is easy when you take a virtual tour of the installation process. This tour covers our one-day solar panel installation process. You’ll be even more excited to install panels on your home after taking the virtual tour. The homeowners in our virtual video are happily enjoying their panels and conserve enough energy to save more than $2,000 per year. Many homeowners save even more than this figure.

Contact us before the end of the year to take advantage of a 26% Federal Energy tax break when you schedule solar panel installation. This is one of many strategies that reduce the costs of solar power panels so that you enjoy more benefits and break-even faster. In fact, it takes just five years’ to break even on the costs of solar panel installation. We’ll help you learn more about the many incentives and available rebates so you save the most money possible when installing solar power at your home.

How Long Does Installation Take for Solar Panels for My Home?

Although the actual installation process takes one – three days, the complete process takes several months to complete. Our installers work efficiently to complete the job in the shortest timeframe possible. We never cut corners to finish the job faster. Nothing matters more to us than happy customers. expect fast, friendly, professional installers, and service when you trust us to complete your solar installation project. Most jobs are completed in one-three months, although delays can cause it to take six months or more. The inspectors, installation company, and the electric company chose all impacts on the amount of time installation takes from start to finish.

Solar Install Timeline

After you sign a contract, an inspector comes to the home to evaluate the electrical components and the condition of the roof. If anything is not compatible with the solar panels, you may cancel the contract or make an upgrade. Sometimes repairs are also needed, in which case the same offer to cancel exists. If you choose to move forward with the project, you must first schedule services for the repairs/upgrades. Keep in mind the costs are in addition to the costs of solar installation. Should you prefer, cancel the contract and there’s nothing else to worry about.

Once the inspector completes the inspection, he provides a solar panel installation plan for you to review. Don’t rush through the plan. It is your home and you are in complete control of the project from start to finish. You’ll have about three weeks to approve the plan or request a revision. It may be a good idea to have a professional look over the plan with you. If anything is unsatisfactory, that is not a problem. Simply submit a revision request before the allotted time expires.

Obtain Permits

Paperwork is one of the most dreaded aspects of any big project. We all hate the reading and signing portion of hiring a company, but it is nonetheless important. It won’t be such a burden this time, however. Sure, there’s mounds and mounds of paperwork, but the installers complete most of it. That takes one less task off of your shoulders. It’s nonetheless a good idea to keep track of what’s going on during the project even when the installer handles the majority of the work. The more that you know, the more comfortable you are with the project.

Your installer will use this time to apply for permits from state and federal levels. Almost all large scale projects require permits from the city before you begin. This is one of them. The costs of the permits are added to the cost of the job, so don’t worry about other hidden fees. The types of permits needed vary from one city, town, and/or state to the next. Rest assured the installer understands all of the permits that you’ll need ahead of time. He’ll also help with federal solar incentives that can cut the costs of the project. The time it takes to complete this step varies from one installer to another but averages one-two months. Winter-times solar installs are fastest since fewer homeowners consider the project when it is cold outside.

Design Your Solar Home

Home is where the heart is. We want our customers happy when we’ve finished the solar panel installation project. That’s why we ensure that customers are in control of the entire project. Getting the components that make your house feel like a home is important. We offer a myriad of products and services sure to accommodate every need and desire. While we’re readily available to provide advice and guidance or provide you with our favorite brands, you’re free to pick and choose the panels and equipment options that you want the most. Cost is one consideration to keep in mind, however, make sure that you choose an aesthetically-appealing style that is efficient enough to suit your needs. Tons of research material can help you decipher the options so that you get what you really want when all is said and done. Do not rush through this process or settle for less than what you want and deserve.

Energy Solar Install Day

Ladies and gentlemen’ boys and girls: it’s the day you’ve been waiting for! Homeowners anticipate installation day and look forward to using their new energy source as soon as possible. It’s been a long time coming, after all! It takes one-three days to install panels, depending on your preferences and the size of the home. We offer a one-day panel installation that you can see in action during a virtual tour. Many area homeowners like the one-day installation since even 24-hours is a considerable amount of time in this industry. Whatever type of solar power you choose, rest assured the panels are correctly installed so that your home passes all inspections required in the upcoming future.

Final Approval and Interconnection

Flipping the switch is the final step in the energy solar installation process. Known as the interconnection process, this is the time period in which you wait for approval to generate power to your rooftop and reap the rewards of solar energy. Approval happens after the city double-checks the installer’s work for proficiency. He wants to ensure that the mounting is safely, sturdily attached and that all electrical and roofing codes are met. You are now ready for grid interconnection! This can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months. Choose the right electric company to ensure prompt attention to your request. The electric company is the biggest factor in the time that this takes. PG&E is one of the electric company’s in the area that seems to take longer than the others.

Should You Install Solar Panels for My Home?

Installing solar panels is a step in the right direction for any homeowner. With such a long list of exciting benefits, installing panels on your home is something that you shouldn’t wait to do. Keep in mind that incentives and rebates from the federal government cut costs of panel installation, but they’re available only until the end of the year. After installing solar power in your home, you’ll reduce electrical dependency, save money, reduce your carbon footprint, add value to the home, and so much more. Everyone who adds solar panels to their home reaps the rewards from the very second the interconnection is finished. While many projects provide benefits to homeowners, solar panel install is by far one of the most beneficial.


On average, solar panel installation takes one-three months from start to finish. Keep in mind that delays can occur during the process for any reason. Be understanding with your installer, since many of the delays are caused by others or even natural occurrences and not the actual person. In just five years, you’ll break even in savings. Solar energy offsets around 94% of usual electrical usage in a home. It adds incredible value as well, beneficial should you decide to sell the home later down the road. The system virtually pays for itself in no time at all. Take a virtual tour of our installation process if you are ready to take the next step. The virtual tour is exciting and shows you exactly what to expect. Get approved before the end of the year to enjoy a nice 26% Federal Energy tax break!

Thank You so much for your time,

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