9th November 2020
The Difference Between kWh and kW
  • BY : Ellen Ra
Solar energy costs
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 9th November 2020

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Why do Kilowatt and kilowatt-hour matter for installing Solar Panels?

One of the most common questions about solar power entails what’s the difference between kWh and kW. Electricity usage at home is billed based upon the use of kilowatt-hour. The solar panels producing the electricity are designed with the power capacity measured in kilowatts. These two terms raise confusion among many people looking to conserve energy, which is why there are questions about the differences between these two terms. If you might be wondering what’s the difference between kWh and kW, solarhomeappointments.com explain it to you.

Definition of kWh and Kilowatt

A kilowatt is defined as the capacity of a device that equals 1000 watts. The term describes how much an electrical appliance such as a solar can provide. A 2000 watt cooker can be described as a 2 kW, with the capacity used to calculate the kilowatt/hour.

A kilowatt/hour (kWh) is defined as the energy usage capacity of an electric device within a set period. In other words, a kWh describes how much energy a 1000 watt appliance uses within one hour. If a machine rated 1 kilowatt runs for an hour, it has used one kWh of electricity. Therefore, when you speak about the amount of energy you used over a month, you refer to kilowatt/hours over that period. Solarhomeappointments.com will help you measure total energy usage in kilowatt-hours and determine how much you are billed every month, then plan to conserve energy.

How to Understand Energy Use and kWh in Context

Solarhomeappointments.com helps individuals understand what’s the difference between kWh and kW, comprehend their meaning, and learn how to conserve energy. Examples of Kilowatt in context is when a fridge rated 250 watts running for four hours per day will use 1 kWh of energy each day. Similarly, the 2kW cooker will better conserve energy than a 1kW because of the capacity differences. If this 2-kilowatt kettle takes 0.5 hours to boil water, the amount of electricity used in kilowatt/hour will be 1.5 by 0.5, or 1 kWh. When discussing whats the difference between kWh and kW in the perspective of conserving energy, Kilowatt describes demand while the kilowatt/hour is the usage of consumption. You can determine how many kWh of energy being used daily or per year based on this calculation to estimate how to conserve energy in the household.

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