9th November 2020
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Panels with a Battery
  • BY : Ellen Ra
Solar energy costs
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 9th November 2020

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Panels with a Battery?

Are you aware of the fact that one hour of sunlight from the sun can give the planet enough energy to meet the demands of the whole country for an entire year? The sun is the most powerful energy source in the universe. Solar pan gives us the ability to collect just a tiny fraction of the vast amount of energy the sun gives off. While there are some disadvantages to installing solar pan, in general, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Solar paneling energy has been trending and has become the primary source of energy for millions of people around the world. Solar paneling technology is continually improving and is able to give better battery storage systems as well as to provide homeowners a higher level of energy than was possible ten years ago. In this overview, well take a detailed look at the pros and cons that are associated with installing solar pan with a battery.

Advantages Of Installing Solar Pan

Reduce Electricity Bill

It’s an unarguable, undeniable fact, homeowners who install solar pan will experience lower electricity bills. Depending on the size of the system, it can even generate more energy than a homeowner’s property actually needs, hence the reason why it’s highly recommended that you get a system that includes a battery to store all this excess energy which can be used on a rainy day. Interestingly enough, once you have installed a system, it won’t take months or years to deliver results. You will be able to see the effects immediately. On top of that, a solar pan system provides carbon-free energy for the entire lifespan of the system. Better yet, even if you may have a limited budget and opt for a smaller more cost-efficient system, it will still lead to a reduction in your energy bills which will offset the cost of the system.

Statistics indicate that electricity expenses will continue to rise as the years go on. In fact, utility expenses have risen over fifty percent since 2000. If we were to use this as a forecast for future prices, this indicates that in the next 10 years, utility expenses will rise another 30 percent. Can you imagine paying 30 percent more than what you pay now for the same level of energy usage? Even more disturbing is the fact that utility companies utilize coal ash to help generate electricity. This will eventually lead to billions of dollars to clean it up, which will be passed down to you. Solar pan protects you from these rising expenses. You may be somewhat comfortable with your electricity bill now. But you should be aware that the prices are inconsistent and will continue to rise. Whereas a solar pan system will provide a more consistent energy source.

Best Return On Investment

As opposed to viewing solar paneling energy as being too expensive, you should look at it from an investment perspective. If you buy a house, it may be expensive at first, but if you rent the property out, as the years go by you will make enough to cover the expenses of the house as well as to provide a positive cash flow that’s all profits after the fact. The same thing can be said about solar paneling systems with a battery storage solution. Statistics indicate it takes as little as six years to make a return on investment.

Increase Property Value

Who wouldn’t want to purchase an energy-efficient home? According to a study which was conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley Research Laboratory, homes with solar panelling energy systems, have higher values than homes that don’t. And, as more consumers become increasingly aware of the benefits of solar panelling energy, the demand for properties with systems already installed will rise. As such, if you are planning you sell your home eventually, right now is the opportune time for you to install a system so that you can reduce your electricity expenses while increasing the value of your property at the same time.

Positive Impact On The Environment

If you’re concerned about global warming or looking for ways of which you can reduce your carbon footprint, this is it. Solar panelling power is a cleaner alternative than fossil fuels. And, unlike fossil fuel, which will eventually run out, solar panelling energy is renewable. The reality of the fact is that as fossil fuel reserves continue to decline negatively affecting the price of gas and oil, wind, solar panelling, and hydro-power systems will be the future sources of energy the world uses.

Off-Grid Homes

Solar panelling energy can be used in the most remote places with the assistance of batteries. In areas that do not have access to power cables, this natural form of energy can prove to be an ideal solution. Therefore, if you live in, or take trips with an RV, the roof space of the vehicle is prime real estate for an effective solar pan system.

Energy Independence

Many factors go into play when it comes to rising utility expenses. One of which is a price fluctuation in global energy markets. Simply said, if the major players raise the prices of fuel, your utility expenses will rise. If they lower the prices, your utility expenses will stay the same as the company hoards the profits. Does that make any sense? Yet, that is how it works. Solar panelling energy gives you the ability to liberate yourself from price fluctuations.

Power When You Need It

One of the biggest concerns consumers have about regular solar pan systems is that they can only provide electricity if it’s sunny outside. Shade from clouds can have a negative impact on the output of solar paneling systems as well. Even worse, regular systems produce the most energy during the day when you are at work. As such, much of that energy goes to waste. But, by getting a solar paneling system with a battery storage solution, the energy it produces while you are away, will be stored and ready to be used when you get back home towards night-time.

Energy Security

A solar paneling battery system will make you less worried about weather forecasts. These large battery systems are able to store enough energy to power your house for days. Therefore, if you want to reduce your utility expenses as much as possible, you can’t go wrong by electing to get a solar paneling system with a battery storage solution.

Disadvantages Of Solar Pans With Battery

Installation Area

Most homeowners who want a solar paneling system may not look at the installation area as being a big deal. This is due to the fact that most people put them on their roofs, a virtually inaccessible area. But, large companies need a vast amount of energy and as such, require a vast installation area in order for them to adequately reap the benefits.

Sunlight Availability

Even if you get a system that has great battery capacity, you may not truly reap the benefits of it depending on where you’re located. A little known fact is that your latitude is one of the primary factors which determines the efficacy of the solar panelling power you are able to get. Unfortunately, different locations get different amounts of sunlight and the efficacy of solar panelling power drops drastically, the farther you’re located from the equator. Meaning, people who live in places such as Canada and Russia which are far from the equator, will experience a lower efficacy than those who live in the United States.

In addition to the location being a factor, climate plays a big role as well. Places such as Jamaica will get the best results due to the fact that it’s sunny all year round. But places like Hawaii, which get an average of 270 days of rainfall and clouds annually, would not be able to fully make use of solar panelling energy. What this all means is that even if you get a solar panelling energy system with a battery, you will not get the same results as people in the United States would, if you’re too far from the equator or experience rainfall daily, as there simply isn’t enough solar panelling energy to be stored in the first place.


The expenses of solar panelling energy storage are particularly high and can easily increase your total expenses by thousands of dollars. So, when it comes to the feasibility of getting a system with battery storage solutions, a call comes down to your consumption tariff rate. As such, before you elect to get a storage solution, you may want to calculate how much energy you use now, as well as to see what your return on investment would be. In some instances, you may find it’s best to wait until technological advances enable cost reduction for energy storage space similar to the expense reduction solar panelling experienced a few years back.

Increase Maintenance And Complexity

Manufacturing and installing a solar paneling battery storage system increases the level of maintenance that will be required, and the complexity of your solar paneling system overall. What this means is that it opened the door for more things to go wrong such as the installation project, as well as the operation of the unit. For instance, unlike solar pans which evidently thrive in heat, solar panelling battery systems have to be installed in a cool environment that provides an adequate amount of ventilation. And, depending on your property, you may or may not have space to allow that.


Where solar pan systems tend to be simple to maintain, a battery system will increase the amount of maintenance you will have to conduct. However, it’s worth noting that the level of maintenance you will need to do on your solar paneling system, is based on the type of battery technology you will be using. For instance, deep-cycle lead-acid batteries have water levels that will need to be refilled occasionally. In addition to this, their terminals get dirty quite easily and will need to be kept clean. Another system has a maintenance requirement of being topped off with distilled water specifically. Besides this, the batteries that are used in conjunction with the solar pan system are highly corrosive and toxic. As such, you will need to monitor it more closely than you would with a solar paneling system without a battery.


While your solar paneling system itself may last several decades, the same can’t be said about solar pan batteries. A general rule of thumb to follow is that you will need to replace the entire battery system at least once during the lifespan of your solar paneling system.

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