25th November 2020
Sunpower Solar Panels
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 25th November 2020

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Sunpower Solar Panels

An American company makes Sunpower Solar Panels. They are energy-saving solar panels. Manufacturers promise of over 55% more energy generating per panel as opposed to other brands. High durability design makes them stand out from the rest. The panels are built out of the latest technology to assure homeowners the best experience. They offer 25 years warranty, making them among the best in terms of customer satisfaction. Homeowners can get peace of mind upon installing the solar panels. Four series are making it easy for different homeowners to choose the perfect for their specific needs.

Sunpower Solar Panels series

A series

The panels are made out of Maxeon® Gen 5 solar cells to deliver up to 22.3% energy efficiency. They can reach up to 400W. Installing a few panels on a roof can yield a lot of power. They are for homes that require a lot of energy. The use of the latest technology makes them very durable. It is the most efficient panel in the company.

X series

They are solar paneling built out of Maxeon® solar cells. Homeowners can count on them to deliver up to 22.7% efficiency. They can reach up to 370 watts. Many users prefer them in residential installations; homeowners can apply them in space-constrained projects. There is an option of up to 470 watts capacity per panel.

E series

The solar paneling employs Maxeon® solar cells to deliver up to 20% efficiency. The series has panels in capacities of 320, 435, and 327 watts. They are all-round panels for exceptional performance. Homeowners who are after versatile solar panels can go for the series.

P series

It is easy to harness Solar Energy after installation of the panels. P series compose out of a single solar cell that can reach an efficiency of 19%. Large panels in the series can produce 380 to 400 watts. Panels in this series are optimal for commercial projects where large panels are required.

Repair and replacement cost

The company covers all repairs and replacement costs within the warranty period. Homeowners who would like to enjoy peace of mind can order them. The company stands out in offering top quality services. Many customers who have bought solar panels from the company are highly satisfied. They make the necessary steps to ensure the buyers are fully satisfied.

25 years warranty

Homeowners would like to buy solar panels that last long. The company has improved its technology to avail of high-quality panels. They can last for up to 25 years without the worry of damage. They will only require minimal repairs, and they will keep on harnessing Solar Energy. They can serve for long to guarantee homeowners value for money.

Free shipping

When buying the panels, it is good to look for ways to save money. The solar panels from Sunpower come with a free shipping package. It will be easy to get them delivered to your site. Some commercial construction sites require a lot of power. They will need to install several solar panels. The company has measures in place to ensure they deliver the solar panels as fast as possible.

8% power decline over the 25 year

The panels are built out of unique technology to limit power production. They can serve for 25 years and still retain high energy efficiency. They will only reduce power production for an estimated 8% over the 25 years. Many people are looking to have highly durable panels. Their compressive 25-year warranty allows you to get replacement or repair of any kind over the period. Ensure you adhere to the simple maintenance procedures, and the panels will assure the highest level of efficiency.

Sunpower is a company with a good reputation for offering top quality panels. You can order their products in any part of the United States, and they will deliver.

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