25th November 2020
Solatube with Solar Panels
  • BY : Ellen Ra
Solatube Solar light
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 25th November 2020

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Solatube with Solar Panels

Solatube is an innovative tubular daylighting technology. It uses solar energy to light dark areas in your home. Spaces such as the bathroom, living room, kitchens, and closets tend to be darker. You can utilize the natural light from the sun and light those areas during the day. Solatube technology allows dim light even at night. It is a technology that contributes to saving your energy bills. Experts will install the unit on the roof and use tubes to direct the light into the areas where it is required. Homeowners looking to introduce ambient light into their homes can count on the solution to achieve the best results.

Converts dark places into an attractive environment

There are some dark places in your home where you can hardly stay. The solution allows for the accessible introduction of ambient light into the areas. The sun plays a significant role in helping you enjoy utilizing the space. Family members can use the ambient light to read, among other applications. Some kitchens are too dark due to a few windows in the home. Homeowners can introduce more light through the use of technology.

Light can be directed even around the corners

Solar paneling technology allows the lighting of any room. A room hidden inside your home can stay dark, but the solution’s application makes it easy. You can have the tubing directed to move over corners and deliver the light. It uses highly reflective materials to direct the light into areas where it is required. The professionals will start by working on the tubing and ensure they lead the light to areas where it is needed. It is a technology that ensures the delivery of bright light into dark spaces. The light is captured from natural light, making the solution an effective way to save money.

Integrated solar-electric technology

The system works like solar panels when trapping energy from the sun, but it will store the light and direct it through the tubes to areas required in the home. During the day, it will light the home brightly but will dim at night. The overall effect will be a warmly lit home. There is no struggle to locate items in dark rooms. The lighting system works perfectly in introducing natural light.

Decorative Fixtures

The solar paneling comes in a decorative design. Homes with the tubular lighting solutions look attractive. The mounting installation is on the roof, and it will create beautiful domes. The installers take into consideration the type of roof. There are several types of roofs that homeowners prefer; the rooftop domes come in a wide range of designs to suit different homeowners’ needs. It is an effective way to keep homestay attractive. Diffused natural light enters your home through beautiful fixtures. People in the house will appreciate the high quality and attractive light fixtures. Family members have full control of the lighting. They can dim, brighten, useful, and the option to apply them as ventilation.

Effective sunlight collectors

The sunlight collectors are available in different designs. You can get low profile design or go for dome collectors. The sunlight collectors come in attractive designs to make them very effective in collecting light. The ambient light can be directed to any space, making it a great solution in any home. The fixtures come in different sizes to allow installation on any roof.

Mounting for any roof

The Solar Energy trapped by Solatube is for any home irrespective of the roof type. Homeowners with shingle, tile, low profile, or standard roofs can get the fixtures. They will not interfere with the structural integrity of your roof in any way. You will even save money in the process because the mounting accessories are easy to install. The tubular solution offers the best lighting. You can have solar panels then install Solatube to light specific spaces in your home.

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