25th November 2020
Solaria Solar Panels
  • BY : Ellen Ra
Solar Solutions California
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 25th November 2020

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Solaria Solar Panels

Solaria started in 2000, and its main goal has been to reinvent solar panels by using the most advanced solar technology. It has, over the years since its inception, revolutionized and introduced utility-scale solar panels, revolutionized the solar tracking technology, and created PowerXT for residential Solar panels. As late as 2018, it has had an achievement of manufacturing the industry’s highest power solar panel.

Numerous Inventions by Solaria

Headquartered at Silicon Valley, Solaria’s numerous innovations have been the guiding principles in coming up with the following factors; optimizing their panels’ performance, increasing their reliability, and reducing the solar panel’s operational costs. In the process, it has transformed the commercial solar paneling into having a new tracking system known as NEXTracker. NEXTracker has been the guiding force globally in solar energy utility scales. This same innovation applies to residential solar panels leading to the development of the most advanced solar panels globally. They are known as the solaria PowerXT.

Their strategy comes from a value in improving the standards of traditional solar energy panels. Traditional panels have dead spots that produce no power and bus bars responsible for failure points. All this resulted in a loss of efficiency within the solar panels. They also contained a series of wiring that produced bouts of dramatic power losses, thus making them unreliable.

To remedy the limitations, Solaria created panels without bus bars and dead spots. They also developed panels with parallel substrings that allowed the panels to produce maximum power even if some portions of the panel have shade.

Technological advancements

Solaria’s technological advancements in solar paneling started by cutting solar cells into five equal strips. The strips are then aligned together with a slight overlap. The use of the overlay is to eliminate the need for bus bars. The result is a sleek, attractive, and reliable panel. The solar panels created are also valuable because each provides 20% more power than the traditional panels. With this and backed by a 25year product warranty, solaria’s panels have been ranked among the top by third party quality testers. Thus, they are the only panels that can give you the confidence that your home requires.

Redefining Solar Paneling

Solaria’s ability to reinvent technology by employing specialized engineers’ skills has made it possible to produce the best solar panels currently in the market. Their PowerXT solar panels can boost power and provide exceptional performances with friendly economics. In that way, they can maximize energy yields on the roofs of their owners.

The solar panel’s black streamlined design makes it possible to complement any home’s architectural design. And with 20% extra energy-saving mechanisms, the Solaria solar panels can produce maximum energy within minimum spaces and ensure efficiency. Besides, it allows you to enjoy reliable, clean, and efficient energy.

Essential Highlights of Solaria’s Solar Panels

  1. Visually attractive, efficient, and powerful solar panels.
  2. The engineering of solar paneling is to maximize the levels of energy production over the traditional and conventional solar panels.
  3. Solar panels are durable and reliable and can, therefore, last longer than their 25-year warranty.
  4. Useful for both residential homes and commercial businesses.
  5. The solar panel’s high efficiency in producing power means you require a few of them per square meter area compared to other solar panels.
  6. They have a high shading tolerance and can, therefore, keep producing power even when under a shade resulting in high energy yields irrespective of shading losses.


Ever since Solaria solar panels came to the market, they have been synonymous with quality. Their users have also recommended them for their high performance and longevity. And since the PowerXT panels keep on being tested by quality standards institutions every time they release to the market, they are long-lasting and of high quality. Therefore, they have been certified by TUV Rheinland, which is a highly respected global inspection body.

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