26th November 2020
SolarEdge EV Charger with Solar Panels
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 26th November 2020

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SolarEdge EV Charger with Solar Panels

The SolarEdge EV Charger is the most economical way of charging electric vehicles. It is very cheap because it only requires sunlight. The system includes a pile of solar panels, a battery pack, and a 5.5-ton steel plate. It is designed to generate and store electricity off the grid and is also swift compared to the Standard EV charger. Also, it reduces the hassle of installing a standalone EV charger and a PV inverter separately and is very efficient for running a business. This charger supports full network connectivity, which is quite advantageous considering the role the internet plays in our day to day lives and activities. It allows tracking of the charging process, and this controls issues such as overcharging. For the EV charger configuration via the app Ethernet, WIFI or cellular connectivity is required. Also, it keeps track of the charge duration, energy used. Because many solar power generators move through the day, they allow optimum absorption of energy and are hence used to charge.

Solar panels are now considered the provision of energy to run machines in the business world. It is becoming one of the safest trends that utilize technology and do not negatively affect the environment. The process of solar paneling has proven to be efficient during this industrial era because it has more gain than pain.

Key Benefits

It utilizes renewable energy sources, which is environmentally friendly compared to the use of other energy source Solar Energy can be renewed and does not have any damage.

It is small and lightweight; hence it makes the installation process more comfortable since the portability is handy. It allows the combination of solar and grid power for EV charging up to 2.5 times faster than a typical charger.

It has an advanced feature for protection that helps in case of an occurrence of a fault that makes it safer.

It requires little labor during its installation process due to its build-up nature. Compared to the installation of a regular charger, which involves a lot of methods.


The SolarEdge EV Charger only requires the use of a smartphone to activate it. It is effortless to be operated by anyone since it does not have a lot of complications, and the only requirement is downloading the app, and from then one, you can start charging using your phone.


The warranty covers defects in the quality and materials of the below-listed products.

Power optimizers have a 25-year warranty, which commences from the four months from the date the power optimizers ship from Solaredge. The warranty must not exceed the module product and module power warranty periods as by the module manufacturer.

The inverters, safety, and Monitoring Interface(SMI) Auto-transformer have a 12years warranty that commences four months from the date the products ship from SolarEdge and installation of the interfaces.

ZigBee Gateway, Commercial Gateway, Firefighter Gateway, Smart Energy products, Cellular Communication products, RS485 plug-in, Energy Meter, and Smart EV Charger boast a five-year warranty from the four months after the product ships in and period of installation.

Warranty does not apply to all cases, and reasons for exclusions are:

  • The product becomes damaged as a result of misuse, abuse, accident, or negligence.
  • Damage as a result of alteration, modifications or attachments
  • Damage inflicted due to the failure to observe the safety regulations that govern the proper use of the product.
  • Opened, modified or disassembled without prior written consent from the company Damage due to improper site preparation or improper installation
  • The limited warranties must be in respect of any other warranties to the products purchased from the solar EV company.

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