25th November 2020
SolarEdge Consumption Meter and Solar Panels
  • BY : Ellen Ra
Solar Inverter
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 25th November 2020

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SolarEdge Consumption Meter and Solar Panels

We all marvel at the ingenuity of using solar energy that perhaps may not be man’s greatest invention but is still one of the world’s greatest wonders. It is incredible how one can capture the sun’s high power and convert it into cheap, clean, and renewable energy. Taking a closer look at what makes solar panels may just as well be the point of understanding solar energy itself.

A solar panel is a photovoltaic module that is a combination of photovoltaic cells inserted in a structure for installation. These cells use sunlight as a foundation of energy, produce electricity, and make clean and renewable energy sources.

But How Does it Works?

It functions by allowing photons to hit electrons, producing a current of energy. First, sunlight activates the groups, and next, the cells produce an electrical current. They instantly convert into electrical energy that, in turn, powers you are home.

Solar panels vary from performance, price, appearance, material used, and installations.


I am sure everyone has captured info on using clean and renewable solar energy through the use of solar panels. But many of you may still have questions on how exactly one is to monitor their production and consumption without really maximizing their electricity bills. The introduction of the SolarEdge consumption meter has been quite helpful in this regard.

What exactly is the solar edge consumption meter? Many of you may ask. Solar Edge consumption meter is a full package deal with a computing platform that monitors house electricity consumption and self-intake. It allows users to keep track of their PV production, increasing their self-intake, and reducing their electricity bills.

A Solar Edge consumption meter may be well-defined by their work. Export/import meter is a meter that keeps track of energy coming in or out of a grid—installed at the grid connection. A consumption meter, on the other hand, reads energy used by the site.

You can also use a SolarEdge inverter with a built-in meter known as a revenue grade inverter for keeping track of the production of that kind.


  1. It’s easy to install and does not require much work.
  2. Provides an accurate reading of the meter at all times
  3. Can be used both commercially and providentially
  4. Increases self-intake while reducing the electricity bills.

How it works

It uses a cloud-based monitoring system and provides information on the dashboard. Here power and energy information of the week, month, and year are shown. There is a graphic presented using color codes. Light blue shows self-consumption value and percentage of energy, dark green shows system production of produced energy exported to the grid, while the red color indicates the consumption rate.

For the SolarEdge system, an exceptional light green colored graph is produced by the data to show the solar production rate. It also indicates the flow of energy between PV array, house loads, grid, and the battery, including monitoring system data. It also shows the percentage by which the battery is.

When you zoom in, you can easily do some analytical energy data.


Like all quality products, Solar Edge inverters come with a warranty. A warranty can be extended to 20 or 25 years, depending on the model. The warranty extension is available with a payment fee and must bring within two years of inverter shipment from the solar edge.

Replacement units ship with an average time of 48 hours after a quick RNA process, but if the problem detected is eligible for coverage under the limited product warranty.

The price differs according to the size and is a one in its lifetime fee. The warrant extension only applies to the inverter but not the built-in communication accessories.

Solar energy and solar paneling are becoming a trend in the world that will revolutionize the way we produce our energy. The SolarEdge consumption meter does what the world needs in terms of keeping track of our usage precisely. Everyone should consider switching to cleaner energy.


Thank You so much for your time,

Ellen Ra
Love Solar Energy

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