5th November 2020
Solar Panels St Lucia
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 5th November 2020

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Solar Panels St Lucia


Demand for solar panels’ is currently on an upward trajectory around the globe. Some areas like St Lucia have already started the groundwork to have enough renewable energy sources. At the moment, they depend on diesel generators, which is not environmentally friendly.

Moreover, the government has also partnered with the non-profit Solar Head of State to start working on various projects. They aim to install the first solar panels on the government house and the governor general’s residence. St Lucia wants to lead by example since it was among the top vulnerable nations in global emissions. Consequently, the island has had negative impacts, such as rising sea levels and constant tropical storms.

Why use Solar Energy in St. Lucia

The sun is a potent source of energy and is also the earth’s largest energy source. Further, it does not produce any harmful emissions or gases. Here are some of the reasons why you need to consider using solar power;

To Reduce the Utility Bills

People in St Lucia have had to pay high amounts of energy bills. However, when you generate your power using solar panels, you will save on utility bills. Your monthly savings depends on the type of PV system’s size and the sun hours in your area. St Lucia receives ample amounts of sunlight; thus, you can expect more natural power. Still, you can generate some extra income by selling excess energy.

It’s Clean and Renewable

It’s worth noting that solar energy is inexhaustible and unlimited. When using it, you can reduce your dependence on coal, natural gas, and oil to produce electricity. Besides, no matter how much power you use, it will never harm the ozone layer or the landscape. Additionally, you will save on the massive amounts of water used to produce electricity and cooling refining fuels and generators.

Solar Panels will create more Jobs in St Lucia

Another advantage of using solar energy is job creation. In many cases, you may see the benefits by generating power by it takes a lot of human resources during installation. As St Lucia aims to utilize renewable energy, it creates many job positions. It helps boost the economy and uplift the livelihoods of the local economy.

It’s Available Everywhere

When using solar energy, you don’t have limitations on the availability of resources. Whether you live in a remote region, you can still generate power provided there is sunlight. Still, the installation of panels is seamless, and you will utilize it with different items.

It’s Environmental Friendly

One primary reason St Lucia is determined to move to solar energy is the harsh impacts of other alternatives. By using solar power, you minimize your carbon footprint since it represents a green source of energy. Further, it doesn’t release greenhouse gases, and the installation is safe. Besides, consumption and generation of electricity lead to the production of carbon dioxide.

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It Minimizes your Energy Costs

Keep in mind that solar energy does not require external supply, attachment, or support for it to work. Therefore, you won’t incur any production costs and maintenance apart from the initial purchases and installation. Besides, it takes time for the appliances to require some maintenance.

It makes your home go off-the-grid

You can utilize solar energy when you are either on or off the grid. The former means you are still connected to electricity, while the latter means you are solely relying on solar power. Therefore, you will easily protect yourself from price fluctuations, and you don’t have to worry about power-cuts.

It saves on the Eco-system

Solar energy does not rely on any raw materials as compared to using fossil fuels. Therefore, there won’t be the destruction of ecosystems and forests.

Barriers in the Development of Commercial Solar Energy in St Lucia

Currently, St Lucia has recorded one of the highest electric energy prices generated from fossil fuels globally. It’s due to increased dependence on diesel, similar to other islands in the eastern Caribbean. The government has developed strategies aimed at reducing the energy prices, but it has also faced several barriers s outlined below;

High Capital Costs

Despite the fact the solar power is renewable, the initial costs required to work on major projects are high.

Lack of a Clear Action plan

The government may have developed a strategy to transform into utilizing solar power, but it depends on various factors. The success of this initiative depends on the specific action.

Regulatory and Legislative Barriers

To encourage energy investors, you need to create a conducive environment. Therefore, there is a need to implement policies that supports the integration of renewable energy. It gives investors the confidence that they will eventually gain significant returns.

Lack of Proper Infrastructure

Over the past century, people in St Lucia have continually used electricity generated from diesel. On the other hand, it becomes challenging to handle renewable energy since it needs storage. Once generated, electricity will be transmitted to the grid, then via the power lines and into your premises. In case the supply surpasses demand, energy gets wasted, and if the request is higher, power might flicker. When it comes to solar energy, the amount of power can vary since it depends on the sun. Consequently, the clean power you produce might go into waste when under-utilized. Therefore, there has to be a significant improvement on the grid to transition from fossil fuels successfully.

Economic and Financial Barriers

When planning to adopt renewable energy, various factors have to be considered, including initial capital, economic status, transaction costs, and availability of subsidies and incentives. You will incur high charges on your initial costs compared to other conventional energy sources in most cases. Also, many producers want to maximize their profits, leading to increased investments, which is a significant barrier.

Further, there is a lot of transaction costs, which translates to high expenses in production. These include all the resources used to develop an entire establishment and time needed to create solutions to identified problems. The economic status can also be a stabling block since people may not have enough income to acquire solar systems. Besides, it may be challenging to get the credit that would enable you to purchase various equipment. If a few financial institutions are willing to offer loans, completing such projects becomes more difficult. Therefore, the government must give enough support through subsidies and incentives.

Market-related Barriers

Keep in mind that the initial costs needed to implement renewable energy systems are high. Consequently, if you are in a developing country like St Lucia, market prices for this equipment may be unaffordable to most potential clients. Its mainly caused by high production costs, unlike fossil fuel prices. Also, depending on the country’s economic conditions, most people may choose cheaper options, which results in unfair competition to the non-renewable energy sources.

Impacts of Solar Energy Utilization

A shift towards solar energy my results in various impacts as discussed below;

First, there will be a decline in electricity costs in St Lucia. Currently, the power charges are high, as with most islands in the Caribbean, due to reliance on imported diesel.

Also, the implementation of renewable energy has a significant impact on the tourism sector in St Lucia. It’s one of the country’s main economic generators; thus, a more comfortable environment will encourage more tourists. Additionally, various services will be more affordable, due to cheaper electricity, making it a holiday destination for most people. Additionally, it will also create a better environment for future economic growth due to reduced environmental damages.

Despite the high installation costs, it’s worth noting that you can expect to recover the amount within three to five years. Further, you can generate free power for up to 25 years with very minimal maintenance costs. As a result, you will make lots of savings that you can channel elsewhere.

St. Lucia Solar Panels

The Caribbean islands have ample natural resources that the government can utilize to produce renewable energy. Despite some challenges in implementing the project, resources’ availability leads to lower operational and capital costs.

However, the population on these islands is continually growing; therefore, there is a need to have a long term plan to satisfy the growing utilities.

Still, St Lucia receives significantly high sun radiations throughout the year, making it favorable to generate massive solar energy. It presents a perfect opportunity to invest in solar energy, positively impacting the economy and the environment. Additionally, it would be best to balance the new and ancient power sources to meet the rising demand with the rise in solar power. The authorities also need to develop clear guidelines on how the electric sector’s liberalization on the island will be undertaken.

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