25th November 2020
Solar Panels Cost 2021
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 25th November 2020

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Solar panels cost 2021

Solar panels are becoming a common source of energy in the 21st Century. They are not only renewable but also they are quite affordable and very environmentally friendly. Many countries are encouraging their citizens to use the source of energy to curb air pollution that is becoming very common in this era of industrialization. Solar power became common in the 2000s. The cost of converting solar energy into electricity has declined due to advancements in the sector over the years. The cost had reduced by nearly half of what it was at the beginning of 2000 as compared to 2010. As technology advanced, so did the price since fewer solar panels were required compared to the initial process.

Solar Energy as an Economic Engine

Through it, there has been a lot of significant improvement in the economy. Since some businesses have opted to use it to increase sales and cut down on the cost of electricity, using it enables a country to advance on its technology. More companies that use solar paneling are growing and developing day by day. Though the solar panel costs in 2021 are declining, it has enabled the adoption of solar paneling by many countries, contributing a lot to the industrial sector.

The decline in future costs

Though it is unlikely to see a tremendous decline in prices, there is hope for a reduction as the years continue but a slow one. This drop is because the “hard costs” are unlikely to decline, whereas the “stop costs” are likely to fall though they account for only 64% of the price. However, due to inflation, the costs may also increase. Thus, the solar panel’s value may not decrease soon at a high rate as expected by many.

Waiting on the solar prices to decline

If you are an individual waiting for the solar panel prices to decline so that you can purchase solar energy, your waiting may not be an economic thing. Unlike 2010, when the prices reduced after a whole year, ten years after 2020, a long time to wait on a decline in price will be so little; hence, purchasing the solar panel today will bring no economic harm. The federal tax currently offered is something that will be of help to your business at large. Moreover, while waiting, a considerable amount of money will be spent on electricity compared to when adapting the solar energy at the moment. Thus, adopting solar energy is an investment that any business should consider.

Investment tax credit for Solar power

The investment tax credit(ITC), also known as the federal solar tax credit, allows you to deduct 26 percent of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes. The ITC is known as the federal solar tax credit, allowing you to deduct 26 percent of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes. It applies to both residential and commercial operations, and it has no cap value.

How the solar tax credit works

Qualified members are those that own a solar energy system. It is not limited by tax liability since even if you do not have enough to claim for a whole year, it can roll over to the next year. However, leasing a solar system does not make you an owner; therefore, you can not be qualified for the credit tax.

How to claim the investment tax

You can claim the tax after filing the yearly federal tax return. Informing your accountant that you are using solar energy is essential or when filing returns, indicating the fact that you are using the solar system is critical. This action will enable you to get the investment tax.

Solar panels at home

Installation of solar panels at home requires tying them on the grid. The solar panels will produce electricity during the day, which will power your home. During the night, they will draw power from the network since no solar energy production occurs during the night.

Leasing or Buying solar panels

Buying solar panels helps in saving a lot compared to leasing. Though leasing helps cut costs, it will reduce the savings compared to buying it all at once; this is because paying monthly will only deal with facing the full charge at once, but the price will be more than the buying cost.

Solar panels Warrant

They have a minimum of 25 years of warranty life while some premium brands have a warranty of 30 years. However, the solar panels can last beyond their warranty life. Hence, they do not have a specific life span, but they are very long-lasting.

Best brands of Solar Panels

The top-selling brands home solar panel brands are:

  • Sunpower X series panels
  • LG Neon panels
  • Panasonic hit series panels

All of them are excellent choices for your home installation. SunPower panels are the most efficient out of the three, but LG and Panasonic offer greater bankability.

Importance of solar panel efficiency

Efficiency is taken into rating when rating the power output. Hence, its effectiveness is not that important. Thus, it’s not worth paying a higher price for premium efficiency panels unless you have a limited roof space.

Types of home solar systems

There are three main types of solar systems for home:

Grid-tied systems

These are the most common home solar panel power systems. The excess energy produced during the day stores in the grid, and during the night when there is no sunlight or when there is low sunlight, it uses the power from the network. They do not have a backup in case the power on the grid goes out.

Hybrid system

They are similar to the Grid-tied, but they store their excess energy in a battery. The energy in the battery can be used instead of the Grid. Homes with this type of system will have a backup if the power on the grid goes off.

Off-grid solar system

They are not connected to the public grid at all. In this case, all your power needs must meet with solar panels and batteries. They are more expensive since they require more solar panels and energy storage. Also, it is crucial to have a backup generator when using this system.

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