25th November 2020
Solar Panels Are Not For Every Home
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 25th November 2020

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Solar Panels Are Not For Every Home

Growing Technology

With today’s growing technology, new forms of energy and electricity production are at the forefront of engineering. A common way of energy production that has been very popular in recent years is the concept of solar panels and solar power. This type of system’s fundamental idea is to use the Sun’s sunlight to generate electricity for homes. Fundamentally the system has a higher upfront cost, but if the house is in a region where there is plenty of the sun year-round, the monthly electric bills decrease drastically. If you live or visit the southern part of the United States, it is common for many homes to have solar panels on the roof. Since these states are closer to the equator, they receive more sunlight per year than states who are further North.

Solar Panels Are Not For Every Home. And here’s why: if one were to install solar panels and this person lives in the northern part of the United States or the world, they are not receiving as much sunlight as areas and regions closer to the equator. Since there is not as much sunlight year-round, the utilization of the solar panels is not as much as in an area where there is much more constant sunlight; therefore, they are useless.

Consider Your Roofing System

For homeowners, solar panels and a solar paneling system can provide a great roofing system as a partial replacement if the roof is older. Most solar panels can stay on the roof for decades, up to 30 years. With today’s technological increasing advancement and increased research, solar energy is here to stay. As the world looks to be more resourceful and efficient, many homes and businesses will look to solar power for electrical production.

Other Considerations

Before installing solar panels on your home, there is a multitude of things to consider. First, you need to consider your home’s orientation and how your house and roof face sunrise and sunset. Ideally, if your roof faces the South, the solar panel system will operate at a much higher capacity than facing the North. Another factor to consider is if your roof isn’t a heavily shaded area. For example, if your property has lots of trees or shade of some kind, this will hinder the efficiency of the solar energy system. Also, it is much more common To install solar panels on the roof of a newly built house, as opposed to someone wanting solar panels on an old house in a historic district. Many historic communities across the United States have to approve new construction and renovation construction in terms of aesthetics to keep a consistent look of that particular area.

As mentioned previously, solar panels can be an excellent investment if you live in an area where there are high amounts of sunshine consistently year-round. Using natural sunlight to generate electricity decreases the future costs of electricity substantially. In places like California and Arizona, solar panels are a standard feature for obvious reasons. An investment in a solar paneling system essentially will pay for itself over time.

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