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25th November 2020
Replacing Your Roof at the Same Time as Installing Solar Panels Could Save You 26% Off Your New Roof
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 25th November 2020

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Replacing Your Roof at the Same Time as Installing Solar Panels Could Save You 26% Off Your New Roof

Installing solar paneling around your home may be done in conjunction with a new roof. You can save money and add efficiency to your home by doing this, and the steps you need to know are listed below. Taking these steps ensures that you can increase your home’s value by adding a new roof and a solar energy system.

Why Replace Your Roof?

Replacing your roof is a good idea when you realize that your current roof is in poor condition, leaks, or has visible damage. You may have noticed that shingles have been torn off the roof by a recent storm, or there may be cracks in the roof because of flying debris. You can work with a roofer who will replace the roof and increase the curb appeal of your home.

At the same time, replacing the roof allows you to make other changes to the house. You might want to add a solar energy system to go off the grid, change your appliances, or begin making money from your solar panels.

Why Add Solar Paneling To The House?

Adding solar panels to the house is an excellent way to make your house a “green home.” This process is simple when you work with a roofer that can install your solar energy system at the same time as the roof. The panels will add to the roof, and you will get more quality from your roofer/solar paneling contractor.

The roofer that installs your panels can choose the perfect places to put the panels. The solar paneling will be more secure because it is installed “with” the roof instead of “on” the roof.

Adding solar paneling gives you the confidence that you will always have power flowing through the house, and you can avoid blackouts. Solar paneling is natural for you to manage on your own because these systems come with charge controllers. The charge controller allows you to care for the system on your own, and you can share information from the solar energy system if you need a technician to come out to the house for a service appointment.

Working With One Contractor Helps You Save Money

Working with one contractor will help you save money. Replacing your roof while installing solar panels could save you 26% off your new roof because the contractor will give you a discount. They are doing both jobs simultaneously, and you do not need to pay labor charges for two different installations.

You should ask your contractor to create a free estimate for the job, and they can show you precisely how much it costs to install your roof. It is easy for you to save money when using just one contractor, and you should ask them if they can give you a reasonable price on the solar panels they plan to use.

A quality contractor can also give you a reasonable price on the roofing materials you need. You will not need to spend too much money on a roof covered mostly by solar panels. Your roofer can choose quality shingles, cover them with solar panels, and ensure that your roof looks flawless.

How Can You Save Money When Installing Solar Paneling Systems?

When you are replacing your roof, you should ask about all the available solar paneling systems. Yes, replacing your roof at the same time as installing solar panels could save you 26% off your new roof, but you need to choose cost-effective solar panels.

You will save money because the contractor can complete the job much more quickly than usual. As mentioned, the solar panel installer that you use needs to move on to the next appointment, and they will not spend too much time at your house.

You will also save money when you convert the solar energy system over to net metering. You can sell excess power to the power company when you connect a solar energy system. While you are not saving money on the installation, you are getting your money back by selling energy to the power company.

Can You Choose More Durable Roofing Materials?

When you work with your roofer, you should ask them if they have access to more durable materials. You might want to install a better material on the roof that might last longer. You might get a better price on these materials, and you will spend less money on repairs. You are saving money throughout the life of the roof.

A general rule is that you need at least 15 years of life left in your roof before installing a solar paneling system. This rule helps you avoid major repairs in the future, and you can get more life out of the roof if you install metal panels or traditional clay tiles.

You may also want to install durable roofing parts under your solar panels. For example, your solar panels might sit on the roof of the garage. You can install a metal roof on your garage, and you can connect traditional shingles to other parts of the house.

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Can You Get Tax Credits When Installing Solar Paneling?

You will also get information from the installer about tax credits that might be available. You must remember that there is a 30% tax credit for solar panels installed on your home. However, you cannot get a tax credit for the money that you spent replacing the roof.

Because you are working with an expert roofer and solar paneling installation crew, they can itemize your bill to know how much you spent on solar panels versus the roof. You can easily claim your tax credit, and you will get 30% back when you file your taxes.

Install Your Roof And Solar Energy System Today

When you are thinking of adding solar panels to your home, you should work with a roofer who can help you install the roof and the solar panels. You can save money when working with the same contractor, and you will get tax credits at the end of the year. Additionally, you can choose unique materials for your roof like metal or tile that might be much more durable. Combining the discounts from your roofer, money made from the solar panels, and tax credits help you save money throughout the installation process.

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