25th November 2020
Replacing Attic Insulation with Solar Panels
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 25th November 2020

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Replacing Attic Insulation with Solar Panels

The words draft and icicles are not something thought of in connection to insulation. But the insulation does cause problems. The cold spot you feel when you walk across a room means the insulation is not keeping the cold air out and needs replacing. As a result, the heat turns up to stop the draft. The icicles form because the insulation has worn away in the attic, not keeping it cool. The warm air melts the snow on the roof. The water runs into the gutter and refreezes. Although the icicles are pretty to look at, they can damage the exterior of your home. In both cases, the lack of insulation is the problem.

These air leaks from the poor insulation cause the electricity bill to go up. The insulation peels away from the walls after 15 years. When it rains, mold could develop along with water stains on ceilings and walls. The house could become cold in the winter and hot in the summer. It is hard to imagine that insulation would cause these familiar problems.

Do You Want To Install Insulation?

Now that you know the source of the problem, the answer is to replace the attic’s insulation. Replacing would save at least 35% or more on your electric bill. There are costs involved with getting the insulation installed, though. If a company puts in the insulation or you do it yourself, there are significant costs associated with each option. Also, the insulation would need checking and possibly redoing every few years; thus, you are consistently spending money to buy insulation as time goes by. There are also health issues to consider. Exposure to asbestos has caused cancer, which is not a risk you want your family exposed to.

Solar Panels Are The Answer

The better solution is replacing attic insulation with solar panels. Solar panels consist of silicon wafers assembled in rows covered in glass sheets. The glass sheets frame together. They take the light in from the sun and turn it into energy. When solar panels installation occurs, they will keep your attic and home cooler by reflecting and absorbing the sun’s energy. The solar panels will naturally reduce your energy bill. The source of energy is the sun. The sun will never go away. While the sun may shine brighter on some days than others, the solar paneling is still collecting energy. Many states require an electric company to pay for any extra energy the solar panels make. This concept is called net metering. The solar panels may create more energy than your home needs for electrical power and warmth. The electric company buys that energy from you and lists it on your bill as a credit. The credits can be applied to your bill during the wintertime when the bill is higher.

Solar Energy Pays For Itself

The high cost of energy is not a concern with the solar panels because you are making your own energy. As a result, a rising electric bill is not something you have to worry about ever again. The electric company has to pay you the increased cost of the energy sent through the solar paneling. There is cost-saving every time the utility company raises its prices.

The Benefits Of Solar Paneling

There are tax credits available from the government with solar panels installation. This credit could be over 20%, which would offset the cost of the entire installation. In addition to the federal tax credit, there may be credits available from your state and local government. These tax credits can give you a return on your investment, as mentioned above. For example, some states have Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), which requires electric companies to get their power from a renewable energy source such as solar. If an electric company does not meet this energy requirement on its own, it can pay the homeowner for the Solar Renewable Energy Credit. The SREC is a certificate issued to the homeowner, which shows the quantity of solar energy production. SREC is different from electricity. A homeowner can get money from selling the SREC and from the net metering.

The use of sunlight is reliable. There is no worry about having the source go away. No pollution occurs with solar panel usage. People do not have to be affected by smug, bad odors, or health issues. It is just clean air, clean solar energy. Another significant advantage of having solar paneling is the independence it offers. When the power goes out in your area, yours will not. There will not be any more waiting for hours or even days for your electricity to be restored or worry that the food in your refrigerator will go bad. You will be in control of the solar energy which flows through your home. A power outage may be your opportunity to assist your neighbors with their power problem by allowing them to use your energy.

The solar system is expensive to install, but it will continue to pay for itself, unlike insulation. There are downsides to using solar energy, such as the sun not shining at night and the sun covered by clouds or trees. This concern does not have to be a deterrent to installing solar panels. People are usually asleep at night; therefore, the lights are not on. A homeowner can purchase a battery that allows the energy from the solar panels to be stored. The power in the home is still usable at night. Although the solar panels are not portable if you decide to leave your home, they add value to the house. That bonus gives you the ability to ask for more for your home than if the solar paneling was absent.

There are so many advantages to replacing attic insulation with solar panels. They will pay for themselves in no time. There is an ongoing revenue stream that just is not possible with insulation. The solar panels can add beauty to your home. There are not any health issues associated with solar paneling. The solar panels will give you years of comfort and security. They are the answer to your future.

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Ellen Ra
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