Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth. ― Roman Payne
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Solar Panel University is a team of
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Our mission is to remove the gray area
for homeowners that prevent them
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Solar Panels will help fight climate
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100% free self-guided virtual solar consultation

Once your research is complete and you are ready to speak with an installer, we offer a no-obligation 100% FREE SELF-GUIDED VIRTUAL SOLAR CONSULTATION for your home at http://solarhomeappointments.com/ .

This 5-10 minute presentation will provide you with your first free solar energy quote, including the number of panels we recommend and the price range to work with a quality pre-screened solar installer.

The solar energy industry changes continuously due to many factors that can affect your solar panel plan’s price. The price you pay today or would have paid yesterday is not the same price available tomorrow. For that reason, we provide you with a safe bid range that will neither insult an installer nor allow you to overpay for your solar energy plan.

Solar Home Appointments DOES NOT INSTALL SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEMS. We never ask you for your credit card information or even your last name. We simply take your submitted bid and call multiple installers in your area to see if they can beat or match the price per watt you input during your self guided consultation.

At SolarHomeAppointments.com find a match for your submitted bid with one of our pre-screened installers in your area. We will provide one two or three installers with only your email address of choice. We never ask for your
phone number at any point in time. If we cannot find a price per watt or
quality installer price match, we will simply ask you to rebid a more
competitive price for your solar energy plan.

That’s it! Once contacted by a quality pre-screened installer, you have the option of a virtual consultation, phone conversation, or email only communication. The solar installer will provide you with an official proposal and agreement to sign when you are ready to move forward.

We are always here to help

We love to chat about solar panels. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. You are also welcome to post your quote on our message board at https://solarpaneluniversity.com/ to help our team review your quote before moving forward.


Thank you for your time and for being part of the change. Together we can fight climate change for our children and our children’s children.

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