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9th November 2020
PG&E is Bankrupt! It is time for Solar Panels. You Have The Choice.
  • BY : Ellen Ra
Solar Energy Will Help Fight Climate Change
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 9th November 2020

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PG&E is Bankrupt! It is time for Solar Panels. You Have The Choice.

PG&E’s final hearings in bankruptcy court are underway and the future of the company is uncertain. The PG&E bankruptcy was filed in January of 2019 in the wake of the 2018 and 2019 fires caused, in part, by preventable risks taken by the utility company. PG&G is protected from financial burdens during the time frame of the bankruptcy which ends on June 30 of this year. Whether PG&E will continue to operate as a private business or not, the time has come for us to reduce our reliance on large utility companies and make the switch to solar energy by installing solar panels in our homes.

1. PG&E may no longer exist as we know it soon

The bankruptcy court will soon be determining whether PG&E bankruptcy will end the company or if they will continue to operate in Northern California. Billions of dollars in settlements for residents affected by the fires drove the company into bankruptcy and in the current economy, it is unlikely that they will be able to acquire the funds needed to meet the terms of their agreement without outside help. The California Public Utilities Commission voted in favor of a plan that would help PG&E to exit bankruptcy by supplying the funding needed to clear the final hurdle, but further approvals from regulatory bodies are required before the plan can be put into action. One possible outcome is that the state government will take over running parts of the company.

2. PG&E may not have the funding to pay wildfire survivors

If PG&E cannot exit bankruptcy by June 30, they will not be able to participate in liabilities protection funds from the state. Without access to these funds, the company has no alternate plan to pay off the billions of dollars in settlements, let alone any future damages suffered due to their operations. Even if the company is allowed to continue operations, costs to us, the consumers, will likely increase and their ability to pay damages to those affected by the fires will decrease. Also, any damages the company causes while in bankruptcy are not subject to bankruptcy negotiations.

3. The PG&E campfire was a Tragedy we do not have to repeat

The PGE campfire was a tragedy that we cannot allow to be repeated. The cause of the wildfires was found to be poorly designed and maintained equipment such as power lines. Switching from traditional electricity to solar energy reduces the risk of faulty equipment causing more wildfires in the future. A solar home with properly installed panels can reduce the risk of wildfires and keep our families safer. We should not be forced to rely on unsafe practices that put us all at risk.

4. Solar Energy Will Help Fight Climate Change

It’s undeniable that the wildfires have caused extensive and irreparable damage to the wildlife and environment in our beautiful state. The loss of animals, plants, and trees will affect our homes for years to come. We can do our part to help this process along by turning to solar home energy. Solar panels have a far smaller impact on the environment by reducing or eliminating the need for power lines and power plants. This will reduce our impact on the environment and help the wildlife return to the area naturally.

Solar panels are also more efficient than they once were. Where once only practical for people living in climates dominated by strong year-round sunlight, such as deserts, solar panels are a viable choice for most homes. Experts can make personalized evaluations and suggestions during a consultation to see if solar panels are right for your home.

5. Solar Home Energy Will Save You Money

It’s always great to hear that we can make a positive impact on the environment, make our communities safer, and save money at the same time. Solar panels are affordable and can reduce utility bills by 75% or more depending on your current energy usage. Many will see savings of $70,000 or more over the lifetime of the panels. They pay for themselves in the savings on your power bill in 5 years, on average. The installation of solar home energy is more affordable than you might think. Solar energy has become more accessible in the last decade and it is now within reach of many more people than it has been in the past. It is no longer something reserved only for the wealthy. Consider scheduling a consultation through solarhomeappoinments.com to get a quote for solar home installation and see that for yourself.

Thank You so much for your time,

Ellen Ra
Love Solar Energy

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