9th November 2020
Net Metering Explained
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 9th November 2020

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Why It Matters Installing Solar Panels?

Often when it comes to the issue concerning whether to install solar panels, some of the typical counter-arguments frequently given are that it does not work, and is costly. Still many people increasingly prefer to install solar panels not only on their homes but also on businesses. Subsequently below are a few benefits of using solar home.

Energy Technology That Works

The technical investigations about the working of solar energy panels can be traced as far back as the 1800s. The first working version of the solar panel was introduced in 1954. The solar panels were capable of sun power conversion into energy for operating electrical equipment.

It would take about 29 years more before the mass production of solar panels started worldwide.

Solar Panels Work In Different Climates

While it may be contrary to popular belief, solar panels can also operate well in colder climates. Such an efficient working happens since the excessive heat experienced in hotter environments tends to diminish output voltage.

Nowadays there are more quite competent solar panels capable of energy production even when exposed to a low light setting. It is no longer a vital requirement to install solar panels in areas receiving an extended duration of sun exposure.

Advantageous To The Electricity Grid

Excess solar energy from a solar home can find its way into the traditional electricity grid globally. The result is that the owner of solar panels can be recompensed as per the existing local polices. In numerous states in the USA, as seen later here, there are guidelines for net metering.

What is Net Metering?

This is an electricity billing program that serves to reward users of solar panels, whether residential or business with energy credits for excess energy production. The surplus energy is sent to the conventional power grid. The energy credit given is equivalent to the worth of retail electrical energy.

In the summer, solar panels tend to produce more energy compared to the winter period. With net metering, it becomes possible during the summer to accumulate the utility bill energy credits. The credits can be used during the winter for offsetting power requirements and reducing energy bills.

When the month ends the customer will not only get the usual energy bill but also a statement of net metering detailing applicable rates and credits.

If a customer chooses we install solar panels energy storage system for the purpose of having an off the grid residence, then there will no benefit from net metering. Making the customer’s home connected to the existing electrical grid offers the best opportunity for accessing net metering profits.

Benefits of Net Metering

As already noted the primary importance of net metering is that it can help a homeowner in meaningfully reducing electricity bills per month and year. In view of that, a homeowner should prefer to install solar panels to profit from a money-saving energy source.

Net metering is also beneficial in that the installed solar panels produce energy close to where it is required, or used. Hence the grid’s infrastructure for production, distribution, and supply of electrical energy benefits from the reduced strain. As well the generation of electricity near or within its consumption point comes in handy in energy loss reduction as there is no transfer of voltage over a long distance before reaching the immediate power plant.

Another significance of net metering is it does not allow a homeowner to purchase and install solar panels battery for storing surplus electricity. The battery for solar power storage costs thousands of dollars.

Now, even though some may claim that net metering may pose an unjust disadvantage on people without a solar home that is not true at all. Numerous studies have been carried out and established that net metering is similarly excellent for people having no solar panels installation.

How Net Metering Works?

When using an installed solar panels system, it is common to produce more energy than a customer can actually consume during the day. That occurs owing to the presence of direct exposure to the sun, and that mostly during daytime most homes consume less energy compared to nighttime. When we install solar panels, the customer will see that at night the production of power is virtually non-existent at a time there is lots of energy consumption.

Since the customer’s utility allows net metering it becomes possible for the superfluous energy produced during the day by the solar panels to be traded back to the utility company. Net metering involves the homeowner getting a net energy billing, which is the variation involving the solar power produced and consumed within a stipulated billing duration.

A net-metered business or home has a meter operating backward. That enables the receiving of energy credit against the energy used from the grid when there is not enough power from solar panels. With net metering, the homeowner does not pay for all the used power from the grid.

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Net Metering Availability in the States

Apart from Washington D.C, net metering is available in around 38 more states. And that is not all about net metering availability.

There are some utility companies available in some states like Texas providing customers using solar energy with net metering without a law requirement. Subsequently, see below some of the states providing net metering.

State Allowing Net Metering? Other Net Metering Policy

  • Arkansas Yes No
  • Florida Yes No
  • Nevada No Yes
  • Colorado Yes No
  • California Yes No
  • Alabama No No
  • Mississippi No Yes

Understand that net metering policies tend to differ from one state to another. There are some states offering significantly lower power compensation and thus reduced savings in solar power. For some states, there is a provision of alternative net metering programs.

As well there continue to be consultations across the USA regarding updating the contemporary net metering utility program. For instance, there are discussions about properly valuating the solar energy transferred to the grid, giving wholesale and not retail price energy credits, and the effect of batteries for keeping solar energy.

Since the existing mandatory policies on net metering are generally advantageous now is the right time to invest in and install solar panels.

As solarhomeappoinments.com, we have been in the business of informing homeowners about solar for a long time now. Because of our many years of experience as independent solar contractors, we guarantee that we only deal in long-lasting, efficient panels, and the highest quality solar panel installers.  We are obsessed with quality.

We can also furnish our customers with the exact situation regarding net-metering policy in a particular locality. Using our solar home service, our customers can access other relevant information like the number of solar panels required. Contact us today if you desire to reduce your energy bills considerably with net metering.

Thank You so much for your time,

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