9th November 2020
LG 370w Solar Panels
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 9th November 2020

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A Review of the LG 370W Solar Panel

Going eco-friendly is not just a trend catching on but is also a choice many people are making to make their homes and the world a better place. Solar panels are also very efficient since you cannot be affected in case there is an issue with power and to top it up, you do not have to pay power bills.

If looking for a value solar panel that will deliver on worth, your best choice will be the LG 370w Solar Panels. This LG 370w Solar Panels Review will show you why it is the best choice.

If you are one that trusts in a brand before reviewing the specs, LG is one brand you can trust to deliver quality every time. The LG 370w Solar Panels spec sheet is pretty impressive. The LG 370w Solar Panels may have 12 fewer cells per panel at 60 but the output they give is so much more than that of the 72 cells per panel. The LG 370w Solar Panels spec sheet delivers highly on the warranty. The price per watt is based on the size of the system but on average, you can expect a $1.38 cost per watt.

Most LG Solar Panels come with a 25-year long workmanship warranty.

This is an astonishing fifteen years longer than most of the other brands or companies. The company also guarantees that the solar panels will be at 87% efficiency in 25 years, seven percent more than the 80% that other brands promise.

This solar panel is also very long-lasting. The degradation rate is an impressive -0.4% per year, meaning you can invest in the panel once in your lifetime. The temperature coefficient is at -0.3% Wp. Going through the internet and reading on an LG 370w Solar Panels Review will give you an in-depth idea of what to look out for.

Buying from a trusted store will also ensure that you get a genuine piece. With many imitations in the market, you need to trust a store like solarhomeappointments.com are guaranteed to sell you the best brands you could look for including the LG Solar Panels.

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