26th November 2020
Impact of Solar Panels on Global Climate
  • BY : Ellen Ra
Solar panel and climate change
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 26th November 2020

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Impact of Solar Panels on Global Climate

Fossil fuels and natural gases are one of the world’s guilty pleasures. We get 80 plus percent of America’s energy from these sources. They are the driving force behind our everyday life. Cars being powered, homes, and business all depend on fossil fuels. So, we depend on fossil fuels. Only thing is, they have proven to be hazardous to our environment and in turn our health.

Newer means are always being explored by scientists to find a better source other than fossil fuels. After all, this source may one day run out due to our over usage and solar panels have been catching everybody’s attention. With more environmental advantages than not, solar paneling may seem like the better choice. Nevertheless, it does not come without flaws.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

The impact of solar panels on Global Climate is a lot more positive than it is negative. For instance, it can reduce such health issues as chronic bronchitis and most respiratory issues. It leaves behind a green footprint while servicing our every need, emitting no pollution into our air and so much more. The impact of solar panels on the global climate could be incredible. Compared to fossil fuels they are the better choice but do not lack a downside.

Manufacturing companies for solar paneling use chemicals that are not eco friendly. These hazardous materials cause harm to both our environment and health. Solar panels however do not cause any pollution once they are up running. Releasing nothing but clean air back into the atmosphere.

Climate Manipulation

Think of solar paneling like an umbrella providing a cool shade on a hot sunny day. Capable of regional cooling when enough panels are being utilized in an area. They don’t produce air or water pollution which in turn helps in controlling climate change.

It’s pretty clear that solar panels can play a big part in minimizing our fossil fuel dependency. Eliminating the need of power companies and the pollution they bring. Unfortunately, they are also proven to warm up city climates more than other areas. No, this is not good for the environment, earth is already dealing with global warming as it is. However, solar energy manufacturers have been looking at materials they can possibly utilize to help balance out the climate. These materials will help with the cooling of cities who are experiencing warmer than average temperatures due to solar panel use.

Prevent Forest Fires with Solar Panels

As previously mentioned, the earth is currently fighting off global warming. Mostly in part to us, humankind, and our advancements in life. Pollution is everywhere what better weapon is there than panels that can turn the sun’s heat into energy, in an environmentally safe manner. We are leaving behind the smallest carbon footprint possible when powering the world.

California being one of the places most affected by this sad fact has begun using solar paneling in their fight against wildfires. Solar panels with help prevent forest fires, yes that’s right. Coupled with the support of wildland preservation solar panels can assist in California’s fight to prevent unwanted wildfires. With global warming responsible for higher heat temperatures solar paneling serves as a net for the excess warmth. Producing clean energy in turn and helping with California’s wildfire issues as well.

Solar panels will help prevent forest fires by reducing the use of electrical lines and easing their load. They can do this by using solar batteries to store energy. So, not only does it have a lower output of greenhouse gases, but it can help protect our environment. Wildfires are very deadly and can happen rather suddenly making them harder to manage. After extensive scientific study professionals have concluded that solar panels are of great use in the battle against California’s wildfires. They are making their impact on the global climate stronger.

A Cost-Conscious Move

Along with being good for the environment, solar energy is also cost-effective. By reducing the need for power plants lots of money can be saved on fossil fuel and gas purchases. They are allowing funds to free up to better help in defending global climate issues. Solar panels are made to be recyclable with a long lifespan. Although, the manufacturing of solar panels has its pitfalls when it comes to environmental safety. Every aspect of the finished product is safe for the climate, people, the globe.

Playing a Big Part in Global Climate

Solar paneling is becoming a big trend and advancements are being made every day to improve its benefits. Solar paneling can take this endless source of clean power and allow us to harness it to power the world.

No pollution is produced from this process, safeguarding the global climate instead of aggravating it. Fossil fuels and gases will more than likely be around until they perish, but solar energy can help us limit its use. The impact of solar panels on global climate is a tremendous one and can prove to be a great tool of defense against global warming. Along with a few other environmental concerns as well.

Most things in life have both a good and a wrong side. Solar energy is no different but its sound seems to outweigh its bad by quite a bit. The transition over to solar power will not be fast or an easy one but it already shows promise. Natural energy sources can one day run out, but the sun will still be here long after we are all gone. It was making now a better time than any to polish up on our understanding of solar energy.

Yes, the process uses more land for water, but it also helps preserve more land and sea. All signs point to solar energy being a good thing for the global climate and the world is taking notice. Nothing is ever really perfect, but it is possible to get close to perfection. With time even the best gets better. Solar energy is becoming the new source of energy and it seems to continue to better itself as it does so. With more and more studies proving its positive impact in our environment, its possibilities can possibly be endless.

Global climate issues will always be a factor in life and the old ways are just making them worse. Solar paneling can help us out with that. They can even prevent fires. Giving us all the peace of mind, we desire from something so important—our global power sources.

Thank You so much for your time,

Ellen Ra
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