27th November 2020
How many solar panels do I need for a 5/4/3 bedroom home?
  • BY : Ellen Ra
solar panels on house
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 27th November 2020

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How many solar panels do I need for a 5/4/3 bedroom home?

What are the economic savings of solar

The economics of solar panels and creating a solar home may seem like a big mystery to most people, but it’s not that complicated.

The first thing you need to know is the solar yield of your solar home: how much electricity your solar panels are expected to generate.

Let’s say you live in San Francisco, CA and you establish a 10 kilowatt per hour solar system. On average you will generate around 1600 kilowatts of electricity per month.

While in Boston, the same unit would produce around 1400 watts. The amount of electricity you produce multiplied by the size of the unit (ie 6 kilowatts, 8 kilowatts, 10 kilowatts per hour) plus the general weather conditions determines how much electricity you will generate.

Next, you need to know how much electricity costs in your area. Electricity in San Francisco costs an average of 23.6 cents per kilowatt, so a 10 kWh system would ave you on average over $300 per month in electricity.

The electricity rate in Boston is 14.9 cents per kilowatt and based on the solar average for the Boston area of 1400 watts, you would save a little over $200 per month.

YOu would save substantially more if you lived in Arizona, and New Mexico, and save much less if you are in Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Michigan.

Naturally, these figures assume you are able to finance the solar install yourself. If you need to finance your solar, at around 4 percent interest, your payments would monthly payments would probably be around $300 a month for 10 years.

But since solar panels are guaranteed to generate electricity for up to 25 years at 90 percent or more of capacity, by the end of 10 years you can be virtually free from any energy bills.

There is, of course, one other huge calculation to throw into the mix, which of course that the tax year after you install solar, you will get a tax reduction of 26 percent of what you spent on panels and installation.

So if your solar roof costs you $30,000 initially, the price would drop to $22,800 when you add the solar tax credit on your taxes.

How many solar panels do I need for a 5 bedroom home? How many for a 4 bedroom house? How many for a 3 bedroom house?

It really doesn’t depend on roof size. A typical 3 bedroom house will have 1500 square footage of roof size, Four and five-bedroom homes can have twice that much.

So when you ask time how many solar panels do I need, the answer isn’t that cut and dried.

How many solar panels do I need is based more on how much sun your roof gets, the angle of your roof, the local weather, whether there are shadows blocking the roof at certain angles (think trees and buildings) the efficiency of the solar panels and how much energy you need to generate.

If this all seems a little complicated, we don’t blame you. Although we can give you a general idea of how many solar panels you need, the absolute best way is to contact us at solarhomeappoinments.com for a Free Virtual Solar Consultation.

Our virtual consultation is thorough and complete and will answer all your questions about solar, including how many solar panels you need.

Solar panels – the short answer

How many solar panels do I need for a 5 bedroom home (or 4 bedrooms?

In general, we prepare homeowners to expect around 40 solar panels for a larger home. Smaller homes may get away with around 25 solar panels.

We are basing our rough estimates on a 10-kilowatt system. The reason is that we feel the vast majority of homeowners should not even consider any smaller solar unit than one of 8 kilowatts, and 10 is better.

Why go to the trouble of installing solar on your house and then finding out later that you purchased a solar unit that was not big enough for your family.

At an average cost of $2.90 per watt, a 6-watt system would cost you around $17,600.

An 8-watt system would run $23,680. While the 10-watt system we recommend would cost $29,600 before incentives.

However, with the exception of a few locations, a 10-watt electrical system will far exceed the average homeowner’s electrical needs for many years, and we feel that in the case of solar it is far more economical to go big rather than small for your future present and future needs.

Thank You so much for your time,

Ellen Ra
Love Solar Energy

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