25th November 2020
Everything that you Need to Know About Canadian Solar Panels
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 25th November 2020

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Everything that you Need to Know About Canadian Solar Panels

Ask anywhere about the best solar panels, and there is no way Canadian Solar will miss in the list. It is one of the best solar manufacturers companies based in Ontario, Canada. Canadian Solar Panels Company was founded in 2001 and has so far expanded its base. It now operates in Canada, Brazil, China, and other countries. But why are they popular and leading players in solar energy? It all narrows down to one thing: they manufacture quality solar panels and other renewable energy equipment. Others love Canadian products since they are affordable, and they have an industry-standard warranty. Well, here is a guideline on everything that you need to know about Canadian Solar Panels.

What Makes Canadian Solar Panels Best Compared to Others

Canadian solar panels are among the undisputed best! After all, they are among the top three best solar panels manufacturers. But, you may be wondering how experts conclude the best solar panel. Well, there are four key metrics to review the quality of a solar panel. They include efficiency, price, warranties, and performance. Here, we will develop a review of the Canadian solar paneling company against each metric to quickly make solar energy decisions.

1. Efficiency

What is solar panel efficiency? It is a term or a description used to explain the ability of a solar paneling system to capture sunlight and convert it into useful electricity. If the solar panel has high efficiency, it will produce more power than the low efficiency panel. Therefore, if you are looking for a solar panel, go for the one with high efficiency. Everyone knows that Canadian Solar Panels have high efficiency. However, the effectiveness varies from one model to another in their solar paneling system. The Canadian solar panel efficiency rating ranges from 15.88% to 19.91%.

2. Performance

If you want to know about the performance of solar panels, you should evaluate their temperature coefficient. You probably know that all devices perform well when they are cold. Thus, they make solar panels so that they remain cool even on hot days to perform better. Therefore, temperature coefficients indicate how well a solar panel will perform during hot and cold days. The solar panel electricity production decreases for every degree above 25 Celsius by its temperature coefficient. Therefore, solar panels with lower temperature coefficients are better. Thus, Canadian solar panels are best since their temperature coefficients range from -0.41 to -0.37.

3. Warranties

You should never buy any technological device if the manufacturer doesn’t issue a strong warranty. It is a commitment from the manufacturers that they will replace your product if it fails to perform due to manufacturing defects or issues related to environments. Canadian solar Paneling System Company issues a reliable guarantee of warranty against all their solar panels of 10 to 12 years. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and environmental issues for up to 12 years. To give such a strong warranty, it seems that the company is sure about its quality.

4. The price of the Canadian Solar Panels

You may like everything about the company, but if the price is not affordable, you will have to forego it. Among the top solar energy companies, Canadian Solar Panels Company has the most affordable solar panels. However, their prices vary depending on several factors, such as installation equipment and the nature of your roofs. Some experts say that while Canadian solar panels are good, they are not the most efficient neither do they offer the best performance. However, no one disputes their affordability since they are the cheapest in the industry. This asset makes them the popular choice of solar energy shoppers.

Overall, Canadian solar is your best choice if you want to get a solar panel on your budget without sacrificing the quality. These also have a high lifespan, and you will use the panels for years without breaking down.

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