23rd September 2020
Cost of Solar Panels for your Home
  • BY : Ellen Ra
solar panels on small house
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 23rd September 2020

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Solar Panels for Your Home: Cost of Solar Panels

Solar panels for the home have become popular internationally. Some of the reasons that have increased the use of solar panels include:

  • Solar panels for the home can be used anywhere across the world
  • Generates power to clients residing in off-grid locations
  • The US Government allows its citizens a 30% tax credit of the cost of solar panels for home
  • Solar devices produce clean and sustainable power
  • Clients can buy solar panels for home from one of the several brands involved in the production of the appliances
  • The net metering system reduces the overall cost of solar panels since people with excess solar energy to sell it to third parties; the income helps offset the initial cost of solar panels
  • Environmental conscious homeowners prefer solar appliances to other power sources because it is a non-depleting natural resource
  • The solar devices have zero pollution effect on the environment
  • Solar panels for home are the future of clean energy in modern homes

How Solar Panels Work

The solar panels for home harness sunlight energy and convert it into electricity. Solar panels for home comprises of multiple solar cells that generate electrical loads.

The solar panels for home on your roof consist of multiple silicon solar cells with both negative and positive anodes. Once the negative and positive sides interact on the solar cells, electricity is produced.

Solar cells feature layers of boron, silicon, and phosphorous. The Phosphorous produces a negative charge, while boron generates a positive charge when exposed to sunlight energy. The conversion of photon (light) energy into a directional current used to run electrical loads is known as the photovoltaic effect.

Solar panels for a home will keep your property well lit at night since solar energy can be stored in a battery bank for later use. The cost of solar panels system depends on multiple factors, such as the overall solar energy generated, the technology used, and the power output required.

The sun rays come in to contact the solar cells, and it is converted into electricity that can run various tasks around the home.

Components of Solar Panels for Your Home

Solar Panels

The cost of solar panels depends on the technology used. The solar panels absorb sunlight and facilitate electricity production. Solar panels come with various capacities that determine the solar energy conversion rate.

Solar Energy Inverters

Solar panels produce direct current (DC) power, but many home appliances require alternating current (AC) energy. Consequently, an inverter is required to process the electricity into a usable form.

All solar panels for home come with an inverter. The brand and power-conversion capacity of an inverter determines the cost of solar panels.

Solar Panels Monitoring System

The monitoring system is an internal part of the solar panels for home. Solar energy technicians use the monitoring system to track how solar panels function.

As part of a solar panel maintenance routine, a professional can track your solar panel’s working conditions. Note that the long-term cost of solar panels for home is relatively low because you rarely have to replace components in the system.

Solar Panels Racking Systems

A racking system guides you on how you can place solar panels for home on your roof. The placement of solar panels is a technical process that requires an expert to ensure maximum solar energy generation.

The installation of racking systems incurs additional cost to the solar panel installation. However, the expense is worth it since the solar energy system may fail to work if the work is done improperly.

Financial Factors That Determine if You Need Solar Panels

Various factors determine the cost of solar panels. You have to sit back and evaluate how much you can save by installing solar panels. Many homeowners applaud solar panels’ energy for reducing the current electrical power bill. However, here are some guiding tips to consider.

Photovoltaic Efficiency of the Solar Panels

The solar panel’s output in watts determines the cost of solar panels.

If you live in an area where the sun is hot and available for many hours daily, then solar panels are an excellent investment.

A 3-kilowatt per hour solar panel for your home will generate substantial electrical load to run several appliances in your residence. The cost of solar panels increases as the unit generates higher kilowatts per hour.

Cost of Solar Energy

You have to consider the cost of solar energy, from the purchase of solar panels for a home to installation and maintenance. Solar panels for home are relatively affordable, but other expenses are considered, such as the inverters, installation cost, or replacement of worn-out parts.

Solar panels for the home have to be placed on the roof by an expert. Although you can use DIY manuals to save professional installation costs, you should be careful since a minor mistake could reduce solar energy generation output or even increase the risk of electrical accidents in your residence.

Evaluate the Benefits of Solar Panels

You should look at the benefits derived from solar panels for home versus a conventional source of electricity. Solar energy is highly praised as an affordable source of power. Here are some top benefits of solar panels.

  • The sun is available naturally for free
  • The electricity produced can substitute conventional electricity
  • Solar panels for the home can be installed in remote residential areas
  • You can sell surplus solar energy to the primary grid; thus, reducing the overall cost of solar panels
  • Renewable energy increases your home value

Looking at these benefits, you can determine whether the cost of solar panels is a good investment.

How to Install Solar Panels for Home

Once you have made your mind that the cost of solar panels is a worthy investment, you can start looking at the little details that can guide you in selecting suitable solar panels for your residence. Every household has different power needs.

Solar energy installation requires a professional who will connect the appliances correctly. Even though the technician’s fee will be added to the solar panels’ cost, you need to be guided through the following steps.

Understand Your Solar Panels Requirements

You should evaluate your power needs to determine if solar panels for a home will be a good option. You should be aware of how much electrical power your household consumes in specific periods.

The solar power requirement helps you pick solar panels that can provide optimum energy output. The cost of solar panels is justifiable if renewable energy is efficient. Solar panels power is used in lighting bulbs, electronic appliances, and running heating and cooling systems.

 Evaluate the Solar Energy System’s Initial Cost

You should know how much energy the solar panels for the home could provide. The electrical energy output from solar panels is measured in kilowatts. Even though the cost of solar panels for home determines the system’s output capacity, the actual determinant is the sun. One homeowner may generate higher solar energy output, using the same solar panels equipment, if the individual is located in a place where bright sunlight is available for more hours.

Pick the Best Solar Energy Mode

You can choose to lease your solar panels for home or buy from an approved solar panels supplier. Many options can cut down the cost of solar panels, such as solar panels lease or flexible solar panels purchase contracts.

If you live in a rental or you only require the solar panels for a short period, leasing the solar energy generation appliances is a good option.

Assess Whether Solar Energy Can Reduce Your Electricity Costs

Compare the cost of solar panels to the amount of power you will generate for your residential power needs.

This approach allows you to assess if solar panels for a home will cut down the power bill without compromising efficiency. Solar energy can power your home efficiently when appropriately installed; though, you must match your power needs with the solar panels’ output.

Compare Solar Panels for Home Suppliers

Adverts can misguide you when searching for the right supplier for solar panels for home. Ensure that only certified solar energy technicians install the solar panels. You can ask for referrals from family and friends. You will be surprised that several of your relatives and friends use solar energy. Nonetheless, do not make a mistake of overlooking quality over the cost of solar panels.

Once you identify a suitable supplier of solar panels for home, ask for references to confirm the dealer offers quality services. An experienced solar panel installation company is also required since the solar panels for the home should be mounted at a strategic place on the roof to maximize sunlight access. Solar panel experts will access your roof and choose the best place.

The solar energy system requires wiring within the house. The right supplier quotes the cost of solar panels and the installation cost of solar panels. If you can find a supplier offering a free installation service, ensure the mounting team is experienced so that you can benefit from the investment.

Besides, due diligence is necessary to ensure that each cost of solar panels you incur is crucial. Avoid putting money on unessential appliances.

Have the Solar Energy System Installed

The final step is to have the solar panels for home installed. A professional solar energy company will do all the work. Solar energy professionals begin by surveying the location and advising you on the solar panels’ installation process.

They avoid areas with shade or trees. Solar energy comes from direct sunlight. If the installation process is incorrect, the cost of solar panels may go down the drain, as the electrical output cannot meet your needs.

If you live in California, the cost of solar panels ranges from $12,878. If you wish to buy solar energy from an existing grid, the cost per kilowatt starts at $2.58. With such options available, the cost of solar panels is manageable. You can enjoy solar energy and cut down the power bill. Solar panels are the most preferred renewable energy option in the modern world.

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