9th November 2020
California Solar Energy Spotlight Review
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 9th November 2020

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California solar energy is expected to grow 14,956.85 MW over the next five years

California is ranked #1 in solar energy. California solar installers have installed a total of 27,897.04 MW of electricity, creating 74,255 jobs. The price for solar panels has declined 40% over the last five years, which has allowed California solar installers to install enough solar energy to power 7,812,254 homes. With 20.7% of the state’s electricity coming from solar energy, California has been able to conserve energy overall.

California Companies Choose Solar Panels

The creation of the 8 MW I-210 Distribution Center #2 project by Prologis in Rialto, California makes Prologis one of the first major corporations in California to switch to solar energy. The company First Solar also developed CA Flats Solar 130, LLC, which generated enough solar energy to power 34,112 California homes. In 2016, RE Tranquility LLC created 206 MW, RE Tranquility Solar Array. Located in Cantua Creek, this solar panel project is one of the largest installations in the state of California and produces enough electricity to power 54,054 homes.

California Solar Energy Spotlight

Solar Energy Companies Choose California

There are currently 2307 solar energy companies helping California conserve energy. There are 1110 solar installers, 385 manufacturers, and 802 other solar energy companies working hard and investing in California. The solar energy industry has invested $67,164.76 million in California, with $5,190.32 million invested in 2019 alone.

Solar Installers Support Homeowners

With the increased availability and accessibility of solar panels in California, homeowners are closer than ever to explore the options of solar energy. Participate in a Self-Guided Solar Panel Consultation today. ACT NOW! ACT NOW! ACT NOW!

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