26th November 2020
Bosch EV Charger with Solar Panels
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 26th November 2020

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Bosch EV Charger with Solar Panels

Energy independence is a desirable prospect that many people have dreamed about achieving. But to truly accomplish this feat requires many different hardware pieces, and this is even more necessary when you add in the use of an electric vehicle (EV) within a system. This time is where the brand new addition to Bosch’s lineup of EV chargers comes into play. Coupling one of these chargers with solar paneling can create an energy island that any person would be proud to be stranded.

Bosch EV 200=2000 Charging Stations

There are quite a few options in the series of EV chargers offered in the Bosch line up of products. All of them provide much faster charging than the stock charging cable that comes with your electric vehicle when you purchase it. They can supply power to your car at an amperage level from 16-40 Amps at their peak supply rate, offering a super-fast charge that can take as little as 40 minutes to recharge your electric powered vehicle’s batteries from empty for topped up to full.

The problem with having such a powerful charging station is when you want to be energy independent by using only solar panels. The array size needed to supply such a system would be more significant than many people have the space to handle. With the proper storage system, inverter, and compatible charging station, you can easily supply all your EV charging needs using your energy island solar panel-based system.

Solar Energy Supply

Solar energy supplied systems have advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, and the newest panels have a very high-efficiency rating, making it possible to scale down array size. Pair that with the advances in storage systems for holding onto all that energy created by the solar panels in the order, and you have yourself a chance at

becoming fully energy independent. Wouldn’t it be wonderful never again to need to pay an electric bill or pay for gas?

Becoming an energy island separate from the regular grid has seduced many people recently. With all the added tax benefits, these systems not only pay for themselves within 6 to 8 years, but they also offer sufficient levels of electricity to fulfill all of a home’s needs and then some. A complex array of solar paneling and the proper inverter technology plus a large battery bank to hold onto all that captured energy for later use on-demand can handle everything from your daily hot shower to keeping your freezer running.

Benefits of Becoming Your Own Energy Island

As you may see, there are many hardware parts necessary to make a complete system, and adding a Bosch EV charger with solar panels is just one more to add to that list if you want to become fully energy independent. Obtaining and installing Bosch’s newest chargers will offer you the ability to add your driving ability to your list of solar energy supplied power assets. Your solar panel system can provide you with everything you need to remove yourself from the grid and never again have to pay for another electricity utility bill nor pay for a fuel up for your vehicle.

These newest solar paneling systems have a lifespan of about 25 years, and such a high-efficiency rating that the array area size needed has dwindled to more manageable levels. Meaning you just need to maintain and replace the hardware required to become your energy island separate from the traditional energy grid. But, weighing these costs against monthly energy bills will quickly see how renewable energy sources are fast becoming the most economical solution to your energy consumption needs.

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