26th November 2020
Bird B Gone Netting with Solar Panels
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 26th November 2020

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Bird B Gone Netting with Solar Panels

Bird B Gone netting is to protect solar panels against bird messes. Birds look for the safest places where they can make nests and lay eggs. They risk your wiring underneath the solar panel. You would like to have the solar panels last longer. Installing a net makes it easy to keep the birds away. Bird B Gone netting targets making it easy to keep the birds away. The mesh is easy to install. The net stays in position perfectly to allow you to keep the solar panels in good working condition while at the same time preventing the birds from messing the place.

Why install a bird deterrent net

Reduce bird mess on the roof

When birds build nests under the solar panels, they will leave their mess on the roof. It will require you to clean it regularly.

The cost of buying the cleaning materials and climbing the roof can be too expensive. It will be easy to save money if you can have a net in place. The net will keep the birds away, making you

enjoy a clean roof. Massive birds can damage solar paneling, and the loss can prevent them.

Keep the solar panels in good working condition.

When the birds keep on flying over the solar paneling, they will lead to deposition of droppings. The dirt collected on the panels can lower their efficiency. You need to look for a way you can keep the panels operating at high efficiency. The right way to go about it involves getting the netting in place.

Protect the wiring

The birds will create nests under the solar panels; the netting will Seal all spaces between the panels and the roof. Birds and rodents will not have space to get under the panels. Birds and rodents can interfere with the wiring, and it will make your solar system fail. You can avoid costly repairs and inconveniences if you can go for the netting.

Benefits of installing Bird B Gone Bird Deterrent Mesh

Easy to install

The netting is easy to install. Measure the area covered by the solar panels then order the net. You will have to order clips to allow for easy installation. There is no drilling required before you can install the netting. It takes a few minutes, and the solar panels will be protected.


The materials you use to protect your solar paneling should be durable. It is made out of black coated PVC, making it very durable. It will last long to allow you to enjoy every day’s solar panels’ protection. It does not matter the weather condition in your place of residence. The netting is built out of durable materials to last long. The black UV coating on the surfaces makes it even last longer. It is worth our investment.

Almost invisible

It is good to take into consideration the aesthetic appeal of your home during the installation process. The netting comes in a design that is hard to notice from a distance. Your guests will not have to stare at the roof. It is highly effective in keeping the disturbing birds away. Some birds can make a lot of noise on your roof if you let them nest there. Installation of the netting plays a significant role in making your home comfortable.

Easy to remove

You may like to remove the net during repair or to service it after some time. It is easy to remove. The adhesive clips you will use to stick it to the solar panels are easy to remove. They will not affect the solar panels because there is no drilling involved. Getting the netting can be a great way to improve your solar energy production. The netting is available in different sizes; you can get several pieces and join to cover additional panels you may introduce to your home to increase the solar energy generation.

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