26th November 2020
Benefits of Solar Energy for Climate Change
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 26th November 2020

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Fossil Fuel Fuels Climate Change

Our personal life choices in using energy to heat and cool our homes and businesses make a difference in what we term as “climate change.” According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration and the Department of Energy, they determine that our energy consumption by fossil fuel produces pounds and pounds of C02. For example, something as simple as watching TV for more than 10 hours uses 31-gigawatt hours of energy every day.

Climate change is making the threat of extreme weather events more likely and more severe. Warmer temperatures both on land and the sea creates the perfect environment for drastic weather changes. It generates longer heat waves, harsh hurricane conditions, wildfire seasons more frequent, and more.

When we think of climate change solutions, we often think about how we power our homes and businesses. We talk about how transportation plays a part in climate change. And the burning of fossil fuel products. The benefits of solar energy for climate change has several innovations. One such technology is solar panels. Solar paneling is an excellent investment in the future.

Solar paneling is an excellent source of energy efficiency. Solar panels have become more economical, more reliable, and above all have reduced emissions in the war against climate change. Yes, there are benefits of solar energy for climate change.

Thanks to NASA, solar energy is simple to use, especially in the form of solar panels. Solar paneling can be used in any environment. Solar paneling can also save money.

Benefits of Solar Energy For Climate Change

Solar panels are a great source of solar energy and are an advancement in technology that is a beneficial and sustainable form of energy. Let’s look at a few reasons for the benefits of solar energy in the form of solar panels and solar paneling for climate change:

  • Solar energy as a very tenable form of energy, will protect the present and future generations. Its long-time solar energy benefits are used worldwide and on a variety of scales. Countries like India, China, and Spain, Japan, etc. are leading in the implementation of solar energy through the use of solar paneling. Benefits of solar energy for climate change are presently one of the more sustainable solutions in reducing air pollution and ending the greenhouse effect.
  • The benefits of solar energy for climate change is that it has no harmful emissions. Granted, that in the manufacturing of solar panels, there are minute particles of sodium hydroxide and hydrofluoric acid emitted. This is far less than the fossil fuel pollutants like sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxide that is emitted into the air nearly every day. These chemicals have and will continue to have a global warming effect in climate warming. However, solar energy companies are experimenting with sustainable chemicals for the production of solar panels. Solar energy production does not present any harm to the atmosphere. It must be stated that the benefits of solar energy for climate change and the use of solar paneling make emissions far less than that created by coal, natural gas, and oil.
  • Additional benefits of solar energy for climate change involves using solar panels because they lessen water and air pollution. The ozone level closest to the ground known as ground-level ozone is another layer of protection from UV rays. However, it becomes polluted with pollution from how we live our lives. Ground-level pollutants affect individuals causing allergy and respiratory type symptoms. With solar panels or the use of solar paneling reduces any emissions that release into the air. Solar panels also weaken our need to use fossil fuels every day. As far as solar paneling lessening water pollution, acid rain factors in this equation.
  • Benefits of solar energy for climate change including air and water pollution changes. When nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide meet in their atmosphere, they help to produce what we term as “acid rain.” These two chemicals then mix with oxygen, water, and other chemicals in the atmosphere before falling as rain. Rain then fills our river, streams, yards, and other water-filled areas. Also, other benefits of solar energy for climate change is that solar paneling does not need large amounts of water to operate. This type of solar energy solution helps protect our aquatic environment, our ecosystem, and our existing water supplies.
  • Additional benefits of solar energy for climate change is that solar panels are recyclable. When solar cells or modules reach their life-span, their components like glass, aluminum, copper, and silicon can reuse. Other benefits of solar energy for climate change involves no air pollution by burning piles of solar panels. Instead, we can refurbish solar panels.

Solar paneling is a naturally clean, renewable energy source. Solar paneling is our modern alternative to generate solar energy that does not pollute the air we breathe. The manufacture and use of solar panels are what we call clean “free” energy, and it requires minimal maintenance. As a solar energy source, solar paneling vastly contributes to the benefits of solar energy for climate change.

Manufacturers design solar energy panels to be durable for up to 25 years or longer. Solar panels are also designed to lay in direct sunlight every day without causing any pollutants. Furthermore, just using a water hose on solar paneling remove leaves, bird poop, or dirt away.

The benefits of solar energy for climate change are endless because they give us a “greener” planet. Solar energy is one of the solutions we can use to prevent the effects of climate change.

When we reduce our C02 emissions, limiting fewer pollutants into the air, using solar paneling, is what we can do as part of slowing down climate change. This is just one solution to the benefits of solar energy for climate change effects.

Solar Energy Jobs

Remember, the power behind solar energy is the sun which gives us renewable energy consistently. Unfortunately, our dependence on solar energy resulted from melting snow glaciers and warmer temperatures.

As a result, solar energy companies must keep up with solar paneling jobs. As a result, the benefits of solar energy for climate change means that they must create more innovations in solar energy installation, solar panels, and solar technology.

Power Plants vs. Solar Energy

Additionally, the benefits of solar energy for climate change saves residents and governments money. An example of this solar energy savings begins with the building of a power plant. There are wiring and infrastructures needed to generate electricity. Then you must spend money to transport that electricity to homes and businesses.

Now, with solar panels or solar paneling, solar electrical energy is generated from the sun. There is no need to build additional infrastructures. The benefits of solar energy for climate change results in lower carbon emissions that eventually causes climate change.

For example, do you remember the wildfires in 2019 in California and how Pacific Gas & Electric was responsible for its start due to poorly maintained equipment and unchecked transmission lines?

We Can Contribute To Affecting Climate Change

The benefits of solar energy for climate change can be an individual endeavor. You can help fight climate change by employing solar panels on our homes and where we work a great solution.

The benefits of solar paneling lessen carbon emissions. Using too many fossil fuel products as a primary source of energy is a source of contamination for the planet.

When burning fossil fuel, it releases carbon dioxide into the air, which leads to accelerating climate change. You can be part of the benefits of solar energy for climate change by using solar paneling.

Our planet is under attack with various types of climate change events taking place. The benefits of solar energy for climate change is through solar panels. With this type of home improvement solution, we can institute an immediate and monumental impact on climate change and the environment.

Thank You so much for your time,

Ellen Ra
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