26th November 2020
3 Ways Solar Energy will Fight Global Warming
  • BY : Ellen Ra
Climate change
  • BY : Ellen Ra
  • 26th November 2020

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3 Ways Solar Energy will Fight Global Warming

By now, you might have heard about the threat and challenges posed to human beings by global warming and climate change. Governments throughout the world are deliberating on measures to control and tackle global warming menace now than later. But what is global warming? The increase of earth’s atmospheric temperature comes from the destruction of the ozone layer by gases such as carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every citizen to contribute to global warming prevention. How can I, as a citizen, take part in preventing global warming? One great way is to use an alternative energy source such as solar panels, which use solar energy instead of other sources of energy such as fuels, which produce more carbon dioxide. Here, we discuss various ways in which solar energy helps global warming.

1. Solar Energy Decreases Greenhouse Gas Emissions

One advantage of solar energy over fossil fuel is that it can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These are gases produced after burning fossil fuel, which leads to climate change and the increase in global temperatures. We all know how much climate change and global warming contributes to health issues and environmental degradation. Some of the pressing environmental problems caused by global warming are rising sea levels, extreme weather conditions, and environmental changes.

Therefore, it is essential to rely on solar energy as it decreases the demand for fossil fuel, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and shrinks our carbon footprint. Can an individual installing solar energy have an effect when others rely on fossil fuel? Well, as already said, it is the responsibility of each citizen to take part in the prevention of global warming. Thus, one person installing solar energy can have a considerable impact on the environment. The research conducted by the U.S Energy Information Administration confirmed that an average home that uses solar panels uses about 8,328 kWh of electricity every year. The study also indicated that switching from fossil energy to solar energy has the same effect on reducing poisonous gas emissions by planting about 150 trees every year.

Taking New York City as the case study, the average home uses about 7368 kWh of electricity every year. This trend means that the same amount of poisonous gases could be released to the atmosphere if the houses were not using solar energy. Therefore, it is essential to choose clean electricity power such as solar panels as it helps in reducing the emission of carbon that could result from burning fossil fuels.

2. Solar Energy Prevents the Degradation of the Ozone Layer

Before even stating how solar energy help to protect the ozone layer, it is essential to point out that the ozone layer is the crucial compound that prevents global warming on the earth. Therefore, to know how solar energy prevents the earth, you need to know what comprises the ozone layer and what it is all about.

In simple terms, it is a layer of gases situated at the earth’s stratosphere, which acts as a shield against the intense ultraviolet sun rays. It prevents the earth by reflecting away the dangerous and excess ultraviolet radiation. Experts say that without this layer, it would not be possible to sustain life on the planet. The sun produces excess ultraviolet rays, some of which are very dangerous. The ozone layer only allows about 70% of these rays, reflecting the excess ones away. This is amazing, right? Yes, only 70% of ultraviolent sun rays reach the earth’s stratosphere. What is more, surprising is that these rays are strong enough to warm the planet, and in some cases, they become too hot. What can happen if the destruction of the ozone layer occurs, and all the sun rays reach the earth’s atmosphere?

Well, the ozone layer is composed of several gases, including the Greenhouse Gases. These gases have different series of segments which reflect the UV from the sun-shielding the earth’s atmosphere from harmful sunrays. The ozone layer also regulates the earth’s atmosphere making the climate favorable for living. For instance, it makes some places hot for life and other sites cold enough to exist. It does that through the process known as the Greenhouse Effect, which experts believe that has been happening from the beginning of the earth’s existence.

Therefore, increases in Greenhouse gases in earth atmosphere means that global warming will continue to occur. Yes, the result will be a dramatic raising in the earth’s temperature. But what does this mean on our planet? The northern and southern earth pole’s ice would melt, making the water level rise causing flood and destruction throughout the world. Still, since global warming affects places differently, some other areas would be scorching to the extent that it can no longer support life. Therefore, it is essential to switch to a solar paneling system since solar panels do not emit greenhouse gases to the environment.

3. Solar Panels Produces clean and Renewable Energy

Human beings extract the accumulated earth’s matter to produce energy. We have already seen that this is not the best form of energy as it produces greenhouse gases when burned. Still, these fossil fuels are not infinite, which means that they will eventually disappear. Does this mean that earth will not have any form and source of energy? It is essential to understand that fossil fuel that human beings mine today was accumulated in thousands and even a million years. Earth would probably take the same time to gather other fossils.
On the other hand, solar panels rely on solar energy, which does not have a depreciable date. Yes, even if every individual turns to a solar paneling system, solar energy won’t be depreciated or disappear. We all know that solar panels don’t have any side effects on the environment. In any case, they help to reduce global warming. What is more? Solar panels are affordable, and they have a life span of about 30 years.
Also, solar energy is free, meaning that apart from the installation cost, no one will charge you for using solar energy. Some people say that there are expensive solar panels. But what is costly about saving human life and the whole earth’s population? Still, it is a worthy investment since you will never worry about the electricity bill. You better incur some cost during the installation of a solar paneling system, but you be sure that you are using a fuel that cannot affect the ozone layer. After installation, the only requirement is to do minimal maintenance. Therefore, it is easiest to use a source of energy.

Final Verdict

The demand for the use of solar panels to extract solar energy rises as more people become aware of the damage done by the convection energy to the earth. People seek ways of taking part in global warming reduction and shifting from conventional power to solar panels is one of the roads. If you want to be one of them, do your research and install solar panels today. As long as you have some space and access to sunlight, there is nothing else that can prevent you from installing a solar panel. We appreciate your every move as you take steps towards global warming prevention and reduction.

Thank You so much for your time,

Ellen Ra
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